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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
  • Mike

    Years ago, when I knew everything, I would have dismissed these old ‘uns as charming but irrelevant. Now I’m old enough to know how little I know, I am full of respect for their achievements and dedication. Long may they prosper.

  • david__g

    I want to hang out with Iris. She sounds flippin’ awesome.

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Go ride with her! The Golden Oldies meet at Preston velodrome in Reservoir on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 to 10 a.m. :-)

  • Eleri

    Thanks Monique, that was great! Iris sounds wonderful. Women didn’t have an easy time of it then – you really had to want to race. I’ve met one woman in NSW who had a licence but then had it taken away because she ‘kept beating the men’.

  • John Crump

    I am just a youngster from Brum UK 82 yrs young and riding 7-9k miles a year. Raced in Brum a lot in the late 40s early 50s did pretty good at it. I will be riding the Eroica California in April 2016 and my motto now is CATCH ME IF YOU CAN that’s my challenge to all, young and old. Well done Iris, ‘you done em proud’ Keep up the good work.John Crump

  • Marcus J

    Good on you Golden Oldies! Long may you roll.

  • a different ben

    We have the same taste in old jerseys :)

  • toneredd

    Great story, an amazing women.

  • dahondude

    Great story and well written!

  • sket

    Those reverse forks make me wince!

  • David Bonnett

    We just spent a weekend at Preston for their junior track carnival – what a great article about Iris and the Golden Oldies. Thanks for getting and sharing the story.

  • wheel women

    One of the best days I’ve ever had was riding with Iris and chatting to her about her riding…she is a very funny lady with such a sharp wit. Feeling honoured to have had the chance.

  • Cath Stephensen

    Great article Monique, that must have been such an amazing period in sport. I hope you’re able to uncover the reasons for the sudden demise of women’s cycling in the 50’s.

    • warnschild

      I’d be in for another read, too! More details, more stories, please! The Lady is wonderful, I simply adore her! The article’s a great read, thanks very much!

  • Abdu

    Great article, Iris is awesome.

  • aeolus

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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017