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  • Thomas Linddal

    no idea if these tips work in the Autralian winter, but here in Denmark, these tips are surprisingly good!

    • winkybiker

      Shtraya has a winter?

      • Jason de Puit

        Definitely does in Tasmania!

  • Mike

    A comparatively rare thing: a pro’ with no over-riding ego.

  • Nitro

    Awesome article – Top tips mixed with a dash of humour and some great visualisations.

    My only question – when are you going to write your next article for CT ?

  • olmowebb

    Excellent. I too live in Colorado, and it’s great to finally see someone from around here say to get fenders. Why doesn’t anyone listen when I say to use fenders? Few things worse in winter than getting freezing water sprayed up your rear.

  • GOLD! Great to have you here Alex.

  • Mark

    More please Alex

  • Unbelievable

    Nice article – where can I get me some purple tights?

    Also, why SPD-R on the MTB? Why not SPD on the Roadie?

    • Andy B

      I didn’t even know SPD-R existed until this article

      • Sean parker

        If he means the original shimano SPD road pedals they are like a single sided MTB SPD. I have a pair of dura-ace SPD-R from 1993 in a box somewhere, they are a bugger to clip into.
        They come with some ‘outriggers’ to fit on the shoe so that you can sort of walk and help to clip into the pedals. They never really caught on….. Now you can’t buy road shoes with a 2 hole fitment anyway.

  • Holly Sprackling

    So I have some weird bug eyed goggle sunglasses things that never quite worked for me, but that might be perfectly cool for this adventure. Hit me up when you are in town. Ha the bourbon – it definitely makes it into my ski hydration bladder – although I must admit blowing back the water out of the tube and keeping that nipple drinking thing next to your warmish chest is key to that next drink of water. I love your adventures – they make me smile especially as I am a Golden girl for a bit.

  • Sean parker

    That’s some good writing, not just good cycling writing, but good writing…

  • Marius Ratkevi?ius

    Sounds like a revelation, but in fact this is what we do mostly for every winter day in Lithuania. For the last week, temperature was around -7 and less. Two weeks before it averaged around -12.
    My tip for leg protection: get some proper winter cycling shoes, they really make the difference. Preferably not made by some Italian shoe company, because of their different understanding of winter. And make sure they are more spacious to allow some room for the feet – room equals warmth. If the temperature really plummets and the wind is freezing, put on two socks (extra room in the shoes helps here) – and a secret tip: put on small plastic bags in between the socks or between the shoe and the neoprene cover.

  • DS

    Photo from black rock?

  • JJ

    Best post I’ve read for ages, I think I’ll read it again.

  • Johnny

    I live in Germany and the winters can be harsh here, too. Hence, some of these tips, like the one with the fenders and the winter tights are just basic knowledge here. I also use two baselayers of which one is meshed and this combination really works well.

    But I think you can do better with the feet. I use Shimano SPD MTB Pedals on my winter roadbike and mountainbike as well. And I really recommend buying a pair of winter shoes. They might look ugly and weigh around 1 kg each but for me, they are a real gamechanger. If it’s really cold, I combine them with kneelong ski socks.

    Another item I really fell in love with are my lobster gloves which can be combined with merino liners.


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