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  • Tyron Anton

    It’s the Scott Foil, not Addict I believe. I don’t mean to be the dick head here but why isn’t it in the big ring? You post articles about the best cycling shot but when photographing pro bikes you forget bike photos 101. Other than that great article, I love this sort of stuff.

    • We spend two solid days begging and pleading with the mechanics to let us get all these photos and all you can do is complain about the IAM Foil not being in the big ring? We’ll try to do better next time.

      • philipmcvey

        Worth every bit of begging, pleading and whatever else you had to do Wade – this is fantastic.

    • Simon

      And let’s not forget the Tinkoff bike also in the small ring! Gee the standard is slipping -:)
      The snake is very aero, with not a cable in sight.

    • Dave

      IAM team car last night had a mix of Foils and Addicts.

      It’s pretty rare these days to find a team where all the guys are using the same bike, even for the flyaway races early in the year where the teams take a smaller inventory with them.

    • Albert

      On a related topic – how odd that Orica-Greenedge are left with old Foils? Given that model first came out years ago it looks positively ancient compared to IAM’s Foils.

      • Il_falcone

        I agree, the old Foil does look better than the new one. It’s one of the few real beauties in that gallery.

  • Cam

    Beautiful bikes, much better than my recollection of the same images from 2015. As much as I think the Venge VIAS is a little on the ugly side, the setup of the Adam Blythe bike, particularly with the wheel and tyre combination is pretty awesome.

    • Legstrong

      I’m not sure if Spez mandated CT (since they’re one of the sponsors here) or any cycling news outlet to shoot the Venge from the drive side only. I hope not. It has an ugly rear brake cable running from the BB to the brake. The cable could potentially rub the rear tire if the length is slightly off. IMO, it’s like an after-thought design.

      For the-no-cable-insight design, IMO, Trek won this.

      • Nobody mandated anything. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not like there’s a Specialized marketing rep guarding these things and trying to direct the content we create. They’re actually one of the best at not trying to direct anything we say and let the product speak for itself.

        • Tim Ashton

          Legstrong…you’ll probably notice every bike in this gallery is shot from drive side. And I would say about 98% of all bike photos on the internet are shot from drive side.

        • Legstrong

          Good to know that. To be clear, I wasn’t trying to be a tough audience. I’m 100% in agreement that drive-side shots are the best. Just wanted to point out the fact that it was there. As my original post said, “I hope not” that they mandated anything. It was a speculation. No drama.

          • No worries! BTW, the non-drive side shot that you posted above was taken by me at the Venge launch and published here on this site. There was no mention from Specialized to try to hide this whatesoever.

            • Dave

              And as I recall, the topic of that cable routing was discussed on here without any interference back in June/July.

              That being said, the reputation that $pecialized have built up over the last couple of years is well-deserved, and they should probably consider getting a new PR executive.

    • Superpilot

      Yeah, like if they shit pics of all bikes from non-driveside, people would complain they can’t see the drivetrains? Sheesh, tough crowd.

      • Superpilot


  • MadBlack

    How clean do the SRAM eTap bikes look!!!!! It has got to be the way forward without the pesky wiring harness. Love your work SRAM!

    • Simon

      I agree. Looking at these bikes I feel we are at a junction in bike development pre disc. The aero bikes make the traditional road bike with exposed cables et al look almost passe’.

      • MadBlack

        Yeah but wait for the disc which will boast internal hydraulic brake cables as well. Cannot wait!!!

      • Legstrong

        Or the wireless brake setup! Can’t wait! ;P

        • Dave

          They’ll all be wireless brakes soon – with hoses instead!

    • winkybiker

      To be fair, manufacturers have put zero effort into tidying up the look of the other electronic systems, with J-boxes zap-strapped to stems and wires sticking out everywhere. It doesn’t need to be this way. But with the electronics for wireless systems now trivially cheap, I think this is what we will be seeing. The couple of dollars for the wireless chipsets will be more than made up for in assembly cost savings.

  • spartacus

    Awesome galley CT! As Wade said, it’s seriously hard yards getting all these shots together. A few questions for the eagle-eyed detail gurus:

    1. Pete Kennaugh’s bike – what’s the tape covering on the saddle? Not a logo because it’s a Fizik …
    2. No powermeters on the Sky bike and no evidence of SRM head-units or mounts – are they still “using” Stages?
    3. A few of the bikes – Merida, Ridley, Focus – have quite a downwards forward tilt on the saddle – sore nuts for sure, but is it UCI legal?

    • Neil

      Can’t help with 1 and 2, but I’m pretty sure the UCI changed the law regarding 3. Something about a few teams (maybe Sky, maybe British Cycling) presented some biomechanical evidence to say the old rule was causing medical problems. Can’t be bothered googling to find the story, but it seemed quite sensible at the time.

    • Neil

      Completely agree, awesome gallery

    • Steve

      Answer to Q2 – yes, they announced and extension in the winter.

    • xander bennito

      Q1, that’s not tape, its part of the saddle, it goes all the way round with a gap for the fizik logo.

  • Andrew

    And Quick Step using the 4iiii power meter!

    • Would have liked to see their bikes to try and pick out the 4iii. Real surprise that a small Canadian company is supplying the power meters for one of the biggest teams in the world. Especially since its an inexpensive pod that you glue onto your crank yourself and calibrate yourself.

      • david__g

        IIRC they do it for you (for now). It was initially going to be a user-installed thing but they changed it.

  • James

    Love the photos CT. I stare at these and then go stare at my own bike and imagine all the upgrades!
    There’s a typo I think, unless i missed a year: “Cannondale riders are on their old bikes from 2016”

    • Dave

      The race to be the first brand releasing the following model year is really heating up now!

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    • Thanks, fixed!

  • Lee Turner

    That Sram electronic rear derailur is so horrible. Big, bulky and ugly.

    • Neil

      Completely disagree. Love it. Whole setup looks great.

      • Dave

        I do think it looks a bit first generation (but not hideous) and needs some attention from a design house. Considering that form (i.e. not having enough metal strings for a guitar strapped to your bike) is a big part of the product’s rationale, it’s of almost equal important to function.

        I don’t really get the point of going to that effort and then putting it on a bike with an old school external rear brake cable though.

  • Jim

    What happened to the “invisible bike stand” did you loose it ?

    • Forgot to bring it this year! Plus, bikes have a habit of falling over when the wind picks up. Sorry about that Kennaugh…

      • George Darroch

        Looks great, appreciate it Wade and CT team!

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Nice job guys! What’s it cost to sponsor a team these days? A million bucks + a couple hundred bikes since they break ’em pretty regularly? Gone are the days when someone who actually MADE all (or most) of their bikes could sponsor a team. Nowadays the massive profit margins gained by Asian production + huge price tags = bags of cash needed to have your brand name on the downtube, even if the guys might be riding frames secretly produced elsewhere….perhaps in Italy?

    • xander bennito

      Look at feather cycles racing, its not world tour but its something.

  • JasonM

    Whats with the jockey wheels on half of the Dura-Ace rear derailleur being replaced with something custom?

    • Dave

      Teh marginal gainz, of course.

      Or at least the perception of marginal gains. From memory, it was either Contador or Cancellara (both riders well known for their obsessive-compulsive behaviour) who started that trend with some dubious claims about chain performance.

      I reckon it’s more likely to be psychological gains than actual mechanical performance gains, but at that level you have to take whatever you can get.

    • I know Dimension Data has been using the Ceramic Speed ones, something about bigger jockey wheels being better, etc. etc. Will have to look into their claims.

      • jules

        the larger the radius around which the chain is made to curl, the lower the losses is the theory. I can’t see it making a whole heap of difference on the low tension side of the chain path but at a minimum they look bling

    • George Darroch

      Ceramic Speed claim that their system is worth 8 watts. Even if it was worth one third of that, it would still be worthwhile.

      Mind you, half the peloton throw away multiples of that number with badly fitting jerseys and non-optimal helmet choices.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Quality article, amazing gallery.

  • Any idea if Orica has the same thing going as Cannondale that they wont get their new bikes until they’re back in Europe? Seems unfair that IAM gets the new Foil but Orica has to wait just because IAM is Swiss.

    • Dave

      It’s down to the choice of the teams – Orica like to lighten the load they have to drag back to Europe by having Australian riders leave ex-race bikes here for training, and selling off the rest to Australian-based friends and family of team riders/staff after the summer season here is finished.

      If Scott (and more importantly, Scott dealers) had their way, Orica would have all the new gear in Australia to make the most of the marketing advantage they have here compared to IAM.

  • Rob Parkin

    Anyone else notice that the Katusha eTAP cranks have the axle pressed into the driveside as opposed to non-driveside which has been standard for Red cranks, including the eTAP ones listed on the Sram website? Minor but intriguing non the less!

    • Il_falcone

      Yes, Robin, I noticed that. But as Canyon has no PF30 bb they will use the GXP type of the RED crank. And with GXP the spindle is always attached to the drive side crank.

  • david__g

    I’ll have one of each. Don’t wrap them I’ll eat them here.

  • david__g

    I wonder if Focus and Cannondale will ever jump on the aero bandwagon? Funny how…old fashioned their bikes look (not necessarily a bad thing, of course)

    • George Darroch

      That Focus, particularly. I’m surprised however that even the teams that have access to aero frames are riding a mixture of aero and non-aero. Since the UCI weight limit equalizes everything, and stiffness is pretty much dialled…

      That said, I expect a bunch of new frames and forks later this year as the manufacturers introduce discs.

      • Dave

        The reason that teams have less aero bikes available to the riders is that the aero losses are easily outweighed by the psychological performance gains of the rider being happy on their bike.

  • awesometown

    It’s funny how out of date and overstyled the campy groups look these days. Oddly clunky looking electronic groupsets.

  • Il_falcone

    What is the ugliest bike of those? My favorite for this lanterne rouge is the Lapierre, but the Trek Madone comes close.

    • jules

      the bikes look good this year. very nice. thanks CT. also how slammed are all those stems? probably the same every year but I just noticed. boys have been busy doing their core exercises :)

  • Can I just say thanks?! Great job CT! My favourite gotta be the Tarmacs, classic looking bike in a class of its own (and I ride a Giant TCR that I more than adore).

  • George Darroch

    Whose is that red Trek in the group line-up? Massive drop on that stem.

    Great work CT.

  • Nitro

    (a) Awesome photos – great to have the “full catalogue” of pro bikes in one place…

    (b) Anything that we should (or shouldn’t) read into the fact that there no sign of anything that resembles a disc brake ?

    • Dave

      (a) roughly half of them – most of the teams will have a selection of at least two different models. Trek have some guys riding the Emonda and some on the Madone, Orica have some on the Foil and some on the Addict.

      (b) Most of the teams take a fairly limited inventory with them to the early season flyaway races, and often the previous year’s bikes if they aren’t changing suppliers. We’ll see them once the European season starts.

  • Wookie

    Hurts me to say this, as I ride one myself, but – Jaysus! That Cannonade is one. ugly. bike.
    In fact I’ll shamelessly use this opportunity to segue into one of my pet rants; Regarding bikes and kit, the peloton has been showing an utterly abysmal lack of taste, imagination, and graphic design smarts for a little while now, like at least last 2-3 years. Did *professionals* come up with some of these pro kits and bike colour schemes.
    *Effie voice*: How frustration! :)

    • Dave

      As it turns out, all but one of the team was riding a much nicer green one than that fugly one in the photo.

    • Dave

      As it turns out, all but one of the team was riding a much nicer green one than that fugly one in the photo.

  • Tim Ashton

    i’ll probably be told I am wrong for this, but I think Lampre’s Merida bike looks great. Probably my favourite from the gallery. The tarmacs are very nice too.

    Great work getting such quality photos of all the bikes in the bunch.

  • Javier Herrera

    Sad to see (not see) any teams on the beautiful and amazing Colnago this year….

    • Dave

      They are already well represented in Adelaide this week though, as they supply Wiggle-High5 which is the number one ranked women’s team in the world.

      • Javier Herrera

        That’s right I remember that! Thank God!

        • Dave

          Giorgia Bronzini had one of the Ferrari bikes when she did the WTDU with Wiggle-Honda last year, which I haven’t seen any of them on this year with their less international lineup of only Aussies and Brits. The attention to detail on those bikes is absolutely unrivalled, as I was fortunate to see up close.

    • awesometown

      Lol, the world has moved on from the lusting over airbrushed lugged carbon frames. Taiwan FTW!

  • Charlie

    No body noticed the fact Canyon are still using Shimano DA direct mount brakes with the SRAM Etap?
    Guess there are very few others on the market?

  • Phol

    Great article! Some beautiful bikes this season.

    One minor thing – Katusha were on Shimano last year, not Campagnolo.

  • Princess

    I would ride any of these bikes!

  • John Brown

    The order in which i’d steal them:
    1) Pinarello
    2) Trek
    3) Cervelo (mmmmm Enve shinny things)

  • Brett Smith

    I’m sure it’s been answered before (and apologise if it has), but what’s the difference between the two types of Shimano chainrings used between different teams (Sky/ Giant-Alpecin/ LottoNL-Jumbo Vs the rest)?

    • Il_falcone

      The chain rings are the same but the cranksets are different. Sky, Giant and LottoNL use Shimano Dura Ace FC-9000 cranksets with either Stages or Pioneer powermeters whereas Trek, Tinkoff and BMC still use SRM powermeters. And SRM has their own cranksets. Their shape is still based on the design of the pre-predecessor, the Dura Ace FC-7800 crankset, but they have adapted the styling in the meantime and have replaced the spider in order to make sure that the newer chain rings fit.

      • Brett Smith

        Ah! Thankyou for clearing that up for me. Much appreciated :)


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