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July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
  • jules

    quite a nice bike. great story

    • Dave

      And a far more interesting BOTB article than the usual “I just paid my bike shop $$$$$ to build up an uncommon frame/groupset/wheelset combination” formula.

      • Brendatestrada1

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  • Nathan Hosking

    Best story to come out of the TDU! The pro’s aren’t so different to us mortals after all…

    That’s a pretty nifty looking bike actually with the carbon wheels, Di2 and slammed stem – any (similar sized) pro could take that for a spin and not be too disadvantaged.

    • Tired of the BS

      He probably gain an advantage being that his bike is not under the restraints of the UCI rules and probably weighs well under the UCI limits.

  • Andy B

    Nice bike and great story :)
    big fan of the wheels

  • Anon N + 1

    Just a second. Doesn’t taking a bike from someone beside the road violate some rule or another about illegal assistance? Isn’t assistance to a rider limited to neutral support, fellow team mates and team staff? Didn’t someone get penalised during the Giro last year for accepting a wheel or a bike or something from an unauthorized person?

    • Dave

      Yes, but the UCI Commissaires decided to waive the rule in the light of the fact that he had fallen behind all the possible ‘authorised’ support options.

      The Giro issue last year was that Richie Porte accepted a wheel from a rider on a competing team, which is unallowable collusion.

  • Pete

    Memories of Michael Rogers from about 2002 or so.
    I hope the UCI weighed the rescue bike as it could have been under 6.8kg and illegal

    • winkybiker

      Was that the stage up Macquarie pass and on to Canberra? The bike was a C40, if I recall correctly.

  • JJ

    You’re a legend Anthony.

    Best unintentional guerilla marketing you could hope for Battlier huh?

    This is such a good news story. Anthony didn’t have to do this (most sports fans would be sceptical handing over $10k to some random Pro). Tyler’s response was genuinely appreciative too. Everyone involved in this, Anthony and Tyler, were so cool. Makes a nice change sometimes.

    So where’s the Garmin? Please tell me you have lots of new cups on Strava courtesy of Tyler?

  • Danny D.

    There will not be difference compared to pro bike – I guess its about $12k bike. Pretty good one for hobby cyclist

    • alexroseinnes

      Anthony is also a freak of a cyclist – has only been riding for a few years, but rips the legs off Sydney’s A-graders.

  • TimM

    @ Dave Everett
    I was looking forward to this post ever since I saw you contact the owner on instagram requesting to do a BOTB shoot.

    Any info on the frame being a custom paint job?

    The askew “De Rosa” on the down tube has me puzzled and the heart isn’t red, uncommon for De Rosa. The branding on the top tube leans towards custom, but it could just be a decal.


  • Cameron Harris

    Debut appearance of a set of Wheelworks Makers in a WorldTour event?

    • bigstu_

      UCI crash tested and certified?

  • Matt

    I was on the hill and saw Tyler come past!! he had a strange grin on his face which i thought was strange on the corkscrew! Good on Anthony for being a good bloke. I would have done the same as i’m sure would a whole heap of others! ps i’d request a Cervelo for FREE!!

  • Ashley Burgess

    Are maker wheels UCI legal? It would be interesting if they weren’t. I recall reading about them on the wheelworks blog but can’t recall if they are UCI certified.

  • Nemeseri Andras

    It’s an amazing bike, but the front tire is in the wrong direction.

    • Sean parker

      No I’m pretty sure it should be vertical, placed on the tyre rim.
      In my experience, placing the tyre horizontally isn’t very comfortable and impairs the grip.

      • bigstu_

        ba boom tish. Here till Thursday, try the beef :)

  • Adam Honey

    I was on the hill that day anad was suprised to see Tyler so far back on the field though did notice he was covered in dust. I assumed he had fallen but took this photo as I just loved the commitment to complete the last 700 metres of the corkscrew and the stage.

  • Tired of the BS

    Give a up De Rosa for a Cervelo? Yeah right!


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July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017