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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
  • Andy B

    great article, thanks for sharing
    some big numbers!

  • Legstrong

    I can only dream those inhumane normalized powers… On consecutive days!!! Not in this lifetime.

  • a different ben

    Should I be able to understand the graphs? I’m sure these graphs are great for you who are used to seeing them all the time, but for a casual & interested reader they’re a mess of colour and poor labelling. Clicking through didn’t help a great deal, I kept getting ‘premium content’ messages. Sorry, such a negative comment to an interesting article.

    • The coloured lines can be deciphered by checking out the legend to the top right of each graph, and the scale to the left or right.

      • a different ben

        C’mon Matt, you used to work for the Conversation didn’t you? “Can be deciphered” is a terrible indictment!
        Alright, what’s “F”? What’s “FT”? Don’t tell me “MPH” is miles per hour? The story mentions km/h.
        At any rate, that’s just working out the lines, I also mean *understanding* the graphs, not just reading them.

        • Lance

          FT – Elevation in feet
          F – Temperature in Fahrenheit.

          • a different ben

            bloody hell, you’re right.

            • My mistake. I imported the screenshots with imperial measurements. It’s all in metric now. Should be pretty self-explanatory but just in case:

              RPM: cadence (revolutions per minute)
              M: metres of elevation
              BPM: heartrate (beats per minute)
              W: Power (Watts)
              KPH: Speed (kilometres per hour)
              C: Temperature (in Degrees Celsius)

        • Sean

          km/h hasn’t been the standard abbreviation since the 1800s. Beats me why anyone would be using it these days :-)

          • a different ben

            standards are for wimps

          • Paolo

            km/h is the standard abbreviation in many parts of the world. Maybe not down under though.

      • Dave

        That’s a horrific example of why imperial and SI units should not be mixed together.

        The icing on the cake is the use of metres/hour for VAM where the elevation gain is shown in feet!

        • See my post below. I’ve update the screenshots.

        • On that topic, this illustration caught my eye the other day:

          • Ronin

            I’ll tell you the logic of miles per hour. The US had, and probably still has, vastly more speed limit signs than probably all of Europe put together. Changing them over would cost billions and to do it piecemeal would present real problems. “But, no it should be done, and billions of dollars should be spent, because the rest of the world uses kilometers.” <– Now THAT would be retard logic.

            • Damien

              Can’t decide whether you are being sarcastic or not. There is no real logic behind continuing the imperial system in the states, other than people don’t want to change.

    • Karl

      Really? My 11 year old daughter had it in less than a minute.

      • a different ben

        kaboom! a stunning blow there karl, I won’t be back here for weeks! good riddance to me as well.

        • velocite

          No-oo-oo! Please come back!

          • a different ben

            Sorry, can’t hear you. I’m skulking in a corner licking my wounds.

  • Mo

    This is AMAZING! thank you

  • Nitro

    Those sounds you hear are

    (a) Fingers on keyboards as everyone (self included) checks their best efforts power curves on Strava and

    (b) Deep sighs as they realise they CAN indeed hold exactly the same power as the pros, but maybe for just a tiny little bit less time…

  • Paul ‘Dubya’

    This is why we should all ditch our powermeters. They are all obviously faulty or missing a digit or something….

  • snappydon

    An excellent explanation of bike racing for the newbie; showing how someone can completely smash themselves for the pleasure of finishing 130th, and then be congratulated and high-fived by all their team mates.

  • Paolo

    I always kept this answer about his training from interview with Philippe Gilbert after his 2011 season ( i think BMC made him train by watts from 2012 on and the results speak for themselves ;-) ):
    Philippe Gilbert: No, then I would not get any result. But it is true that I train mostly by feeling. In the team (Lotto), we have Powertap but I do not use it. I do not even have a heart rate monitor, but I always know where I am. I never analyze my training with the computer or graphics. I have not got a clue about how many watts I produce in a climb. That is totally unimportant. What you have to check is how fast you are moving, and the difference you do in relation to other.

    • velocite

      As a dummy with a power meter I love that comment. Thanks..

    • Andy B

      different strokes for different folks

  • sket

    Shows what’s required to create what some people have termed “boring” racing. I’m pretty sure Hayman, Durbridge and also Hepburn were far from bored!


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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017