• Dave

    Something was a bit upside down tonight.

    Orica timed their leadout perfectly and gave Ewan the perfect ride to the line, while Sky went too early and used up all but one of their guys just in time for the start of the bell lap.

  • sps12321

    any idea why Ewan was wearing an Orica-AIS jersey and not Orica-GreenEdge?

    • Robert Merkel

      I think it was his national crit champion’s jersey (or more precisely, skinsuit). Might be the only time he gets to wear it.

      • Definitely correct on the first point. On the second, you might be right, although he’s always a chance to ride the late-season crits in it (Noosa, Launceston, St Kilda Supercrit etc).

      • sps12321

        I’m sure you’re right. I’m just curious why it says AIS on it and not GreenEdge. I wondered if it might have been borrowed from the Women’s team.

        • Dave

          That is an interesting point.

          I wonder which Orica-AIS rider was a 2014, 2015 or 2016 national champion in some discipline and roughly the same size as Ewan? It wouldn’t have been one ordered for a previous champion before then as it has the new AIS logo introduced at the start of 2014. Gracie Elvin perhaps?

        • ceedee

          Yeah something odd about it. Shouldn’t a national champion jersey have gold shelves? https://cyclingtips.com/2016/01/tour-down-under-teams-presentation-kits-of-the-2016-worldtour/#image-30

          • Dave

            Sleeves maybe?

            A quick search reveals that Shara Gillow didn’t have yellow sleeves on her skinsuit the last year that she was the TT national champion and riding with Orica-AIS before going to Rabobank.

    • MikeP

      Maybe he rushed out and picked up the wrong jersey from the floor? ;-)

      • Dave

        That would have required going to the WTDU hotel first though!

    • Ben Greeve

      On the backstage pass Caleb says it was a chicks skinsuit, apparently the men’s one kept ripping.

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