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  • claude cat

    Ewan is a class above the other sprinters in this field.

    • jules

      if I were Cav, Magilla or Kitten and I was watching this, I’d be stacking some extra training seshes into my diary for this year

      • Dave

        Ewan v Gaviria is the battle I’m looking forward to seeing develop over the next five or so years!

  • CB

    Just saw a brief highlights reel on ABC news, whats going on at one of the sprint points with the two motorbike police? Chatting away, unaware of the riders sprinting behind them and impeding the sprint! Or so it seems…

    • winkybiker

      Luckily the race isn’t in NSW where police deliberately push cyclists off their bikes.

    • Yeah, not great. Let’s just say the race organisers were not impressed.


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