• CC

    Wow !! great read, can’t wait for more Coach !

  • George Darroch

    Hi Coach, good to have you here!

  • Chiwode

    I miss my Avocet…

  • I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with Neal (or Sir Neal as he’s known around these parts) and I’m really looking forward to reading more from him on CyclingTips. One more thing, he’s too humble to mention this, but he’s also the Head Coach of the Sufferlandrian National Team!

    • Richard Bruton

      He cant mention his involvement with that national team as all his other clients would leave him in fear of inadequacy!

  • justanotheropinion
  • Holby City

    Hi Coach Henderson! Firstly, are you a Steeler? Great to have you on board. I really like your style and look forward to your posts.


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