Brian Cookson UCI President
  • jules

    probably later

  • Dave

    Hand over your six shooter Neil Stephens, there’s a new Sheriff in town now!

  • vk3www

    Not cycling but this sort of thing has happened before. 1976 Olympics a fencer was disqualified for using a modified sword.

    • George Darroch

      Was the sword motorized?

      • vk3www

        No,but posted as an example of a past Technical Fraud. Boris was a 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist and the hot favourite to take out the Fencing disaplin of the Modern Pentathalon at the1976 Olympic Games. He modified his sword to create a strike at the push of a button. If you read the previous link he was dealt with very firmly both by the IOC, Soviet Sports Body, Military and Government. A lot tougher penalty than a cheat would receive in today’s society.

        • Roberj4

          Was it a Lightsabre ?

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      Yes! I was a fencer and immediately thought of this!

  • Bob Cullinan

    If she is proven guilty, will the Belgian national team will be found complicit, too?

  • Dan

    Can someone explain why these motors are so hard to detect? At the very least the mechanics should have to take the bikes to a UCI inspection tent, have them remove the bottom bracket and seat post. A quick inspection is made with a boroscope, the bike is reassembled and then sealed by the UCI.

    • Dave

      The initial check was not hard – a scan (presumably looking for the magnetic field of the motor’s magnets) found a probable positive, which was then confirmed by a full inspection.

      This sounds to me like a good template for the future – lots of scans, and a decent number of full inspections on both random and selective (i.e. top five on stage, top ten on GC etc) schedules, including bikes swapped mid-race.

  • Steph Durant

    x-ray gate for all bikes to travel through to get into the race start area. Same at the end of the race. All bike swaps mid-race, also checked.
    Cycling needs to nip this in the bud, whatever it costs; the sport is already becoming a laughing stock with all the blood and drug doping.
    Bike doping is very easy to eradicate.


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