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  • winkybiker

    The “diet off the bike not on it” one is good. I am sometimes tempted to ride on “low fuel” for weight loss, particularly in the early season, but I know that being fully fuelled on the bike will allow me to ride harder and further for a much bigger performance gain than I’d get by starving myself for that ride.

  • winkybiker

    Commuting is by far my favourite way to get base kilometres in. For me it’s 220km a week that I get in (year round) without thinking about it or taking up any extra time. From there, it’s easy to get to 350km to 400km with a weekend club ride and a “long way home via Cypress Mountain” option mid-week.

  • Dave

    I can give the person in the photo a good weight loss tip.

    Take the tape measure off the scales and you can lose a few grams before you even get on the bike.

  • Arfy

    “the joy of cycling comes above all” is perfect. When I started out on a mission to lose weight a few years ago, I couldn’t ride around the block without having to stop and catch my breath. I knew that to get through the pain of moving muscles I hadn’t moved in years, not to mention “breaking in the arse”, I needed to ride to enjoy it. So in February that year I started riding a couple of km’s each day, then slowly building up the distance (about 25% extra each week). Finally by September I was easily doing 200km rides in preparation for Around-The-Bay-In-A-Day. I didn’t fascinate about weight, or about diet, or about riding gear. I simply found the way to ride my bike to enjoy it. There’s no way I could have achieved what I did if it wasn’t enjoyable.


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