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  • Sean

    Carlos Betancur makes me feel thin. He must have really enjoyed indulging over Christmas

    • Dave

      Has he just joined BMC at the start of a multi-year deal by any chance?

  • jules

    Kelly won’t let his own wife even lean on his car (‘famous’ incident while he was being interviewed once) but rides his bike through floodwaters – surely damaging just about every bearing and cable. If I were his wife I’d be unimpressed.

    • Dave

      Not to mention the high chance of going over the handlebars after a tangle with unseen flood debris.

      • Tim Ashton

        If its flooded, forget it…. ;)

    • donncha

      He probably paid for the car…

    • RooBay

      He has clearly “made the calculations” before proceeding.

      • jules

        was it broadcast on Eurosport? ;)

  • jules

    also if you want to see how to win a crit, look no further than the Men’s Support Race and ex-motorbike champ Shannon Johnson gap the field through the final corner with sublime handling skills. his monster sprint that would rival a lot of the Elite sprinters is almost redundant with the lead he gets. https://twitter.com/ScottMcGrory/status/684111364151836673

    • Dave

      I thought for a couple of seconds that we might be seeing a mixup involving the race director’s car. Did he miss the support vehicle exit?

      • jules

        I don’t follow?

        • Dave

          At the start of the clip it was impossible to tell the distance behind the car to the field.

          Someone cocked up if there was a car still on the course entering the barriers and going through the finish line. At the least, it would have annoyed a few photographers (maybe even the official broadcast rights holder) waiting to get the head on money shot of the finish.

    • The rider in third wheel is Darcy Woolley. He was leading right through the series until that final corner when he was taken out by the rider behind him, losing the series as a result. He was very unhappy afterwards, as you might expect.

      Also: Shannon Johnson apparently hit that final corner at more than 60km/h …

      • jules

        I can understand him being unhappy! I wouldn’t want to rub salt into his wound, but isn’t he ex-AWS? there are a few elite-looking riders in the support race.

        • Yep, he is. Some very strong riders in there, not least Shannon Johnson.

      • Sean

        Damn that was unlucky.

  • Dave

    Dear Cycling Australia,

    your reputation and financial position both have many problems, most of which need great minds and great leadership to fix.

    But there are also some smaller problems affecting both your reputation and your balance sheet that are easy to fix, like not paying for Google to keep on placing your ads on websites for three weeks after entries for a competition have closed.

    You’re welcome, Dave.


  • Dave
  • David Bonnett

    FYI – You might have the tech mavens look into the email delivery of the Daily Digest – it appears that I haven’t received one since Christmas Day.

  • MadBlack

    Just a technicality. Slovenia was definitely behind the iron curtain as part of the Czeckeslovakia.

    • MadBlack

      Arrrgh… my bad getting Slovenia and Slovakia mixed up. Apologies.

      • Annie.

        Uhuh, bad one! Maybe, you’ve got a reason though now to travel Czech Republic as well as Slovakia one day: Beautiful!

      • Dave

        Are you coming to Austria for the Tour Down Under, and perhaps a trip to Kangaroo Island or Uluru while you’re here?


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