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  • Andy B

    that distance record is mind boggling
    I’m intrigued by the mental aspect of tackling such a challenge along with how many injuries/saddle sores etc had to be managed
    do these guys just ride in a tailwind?
    Every single day for 12 hours over a year.. I can’t even imagine how that would effect your life

    Also curious how the record in 1939 was measured?

    • scottmanning

      One thing we know, the 1939 record was not achieved laying down! As far as I am concerned the Godwin’s record still still stands. Different machine, different record.

  • Nitro

    With 1,700km completed Year-to-Date already, it seems that the annual distance record is already under attack…


    I can’t even begin to understand what sort of mental preparation and motivation would be needed to even attempt something like that…

    • david__g

      I also can’t understand how people can afford to do this. I guess if you have the cash, why not do something significant (not that I think this is actually significant tbh)

  • Arfy

    Tarmac : 2
    Gravel : 1
    The 2016 count is on!


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