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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Sean

    Someone please give Andrew Christie-Johnston a knighthood.

  • RayG

    Also impressive – LtD does five hill repeats after 100km of hard training

    • Paolo

      Is that a joke? What’s impressive in that for a guy who wants to race 250km Classics or a Grand Tour?

      • Andy B

        hey.. im impressed

  • Gavin Adkins

    I’m just going to get in first before someone pipes up about it. If you’d like to see the Australian Road Nationals at another location, then find another city/region that will get behind the event at least to the same level as the City of Ballarat. They have been outstanding.

    • Andy B

      yep as much as I’d love to see it closer to home so I could make the trip they do a great job
      course always provides a great race too

      • Brittney Baker

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    • ceedee

      True, which leads one to wonder what will happen to the event once the City of Ballarat loses interest.

      • Dave

        I agree. Another successful running of CEGORR this year might tempt Ballarat to dump the nationals and go for a mid-week UCI race slotting in between the TDU and CEGORR at Geelong.

        When the current support runs out, hosting rights should swap to a system of being awarded to the winning state in one of the races, with the race to award hosting rights drawn from a hat before the events start.

        • jules

          we’ve discussed this issue before I think. one reason Ballarat works is the support it gives to the event. sadly competitive cycling does not receive much support in some other parts of the country – particularly from governments who can make organising events very difficult, resource-intensive and costly. Ballarat also attracts a big crowd.

          • Dave

            And that’s why it should stay there until the city gives up on it.

            A bit like the “become a republic only when QEII passes” suggestions.

            • jules

              they’d be fools to give it up. I think it will more likely be up to CA to move the event when people (other than national level sprinters) finally get tired of the location.

              Ballarat seem to understand the value to the local economy of hosting such events. you’d think this was obvious to every city/town, but it isn’t. I recall one cycling event being moved a few years back after a lot of the townsfolk (presumably those not profiting) became hostile to the early start, big crowds and noise. pretty short sighted.

  • Dave

    If you’re looking for something to write about NvdP other than that he rode for UniSA last year, he was third in the national road race last year.

    Good bloke too, I had the pleasure of chatting with him as I helped with unloading his gear from his car at the TDU village last year. No plane flights or team mechanics before race day for those guys!

  • Tim Ashton

    Still dont agree with ex world tour Pro’s going in the UNi SA squad. I really think it should be an opportunity for young developing riders who have not yet reached the top level, but riding tour down under with UNiSA would give them some exposure/experience.

  • Where are all our U23’s?

    Unfortunately the UNISA selection epitomises to me what is wrong with Cycling in
    Australia. The UNISA team needs to be a platform for our U23 riders. The Hamilton brothers are stand
    out U23’s, combine these 2 with the podium winners and top non World Tour riders
    in the National RR/ITT Pat Lane and Sean Lake you have deserved selections,
    clear incentive for our Elite domestic teams/riders and a base to build on. The
    other 3 positions should be U23 riders with the potential to go Pro on the road in the years
    to come. Do we not have any other U23’s with this potential? The Scotson
    brothers, Gold and Silver in the U23 ITT with Miles Scotson also Bronze in the
    U23 RR, not good enough? Need
    a sprinter, give someone like the U23 National Crit Champ Jessie Kerrison a run,
    there are another 10-15 U23’s to select from that have the talent and the
    numbers and should have be developed with selection.

    Thank you Cycling Australia for giving the middle finger to our talented

    • jules

      I might have missed the real brothers but if you mean the 2 Hamilton U23 podium finishers they aren’t related

      • Where are all our U23’s?

        Fair call, an assumption they were brothers on my part

    • Sean

      Lucas has an older brother who is (was?) a very handy rider.

  • Anthony Richards

    Did anybody else have trouble watching the Road Nationals on free-to-air TV? I couldn’t see them on 9 or GEM in Sydney.

    • jules

      my digital TV does a weird thing where it adds duplicate channels. the broadcasters seem to switch frequencies/channel numbers occasionally and digital TVs may automatically pick them up or sometimes you can re-tune the spectrum. but mine adds them so I have 2 GEM channels. I got vision of the race on both, but spent 1/2 hour with no sound before realising what the reason was and switching to the ‘other’ GEM.

      • Dave

        If you are getting duplicates of the same channel, you are probably in an area with overlapping antennae. Unless you have an absolute base model TV or set top box, you should be able to delete the copy which has the poorer signal strength.

        Anthony’s issue sounds like he simply hasn’t rescanned since the Nine Network channels were changed up in November to include a HD MPEG4 simulcast of Nine with 9GEM now in SD. His GEM would probably be pointing at 9GO.

        My TV has an interesting “error” – it will often mute when an ad break starts, but unfortunately it’s not consistent. This was greatly valued during the Tour de France last year when SBS saturated the broadcast with the same seven ads for three whole weeks.

  • craig

    just wanted to comment on having the ladies race televised, although shortened it still was great to see a bit and I would love to see it more of it next year as I would say the only negative was that Gem seemed to want to get all their ads in early, though sadly I see without SBS getting these local races now we have no choice, so should be happy our much loved fringe sport gets any placements.

  • VerticallyCompliant

    Finally getting my cyclingtips fix for the day. Your URL change dropping the .au has caught the attention of my work’s filter.
    Will have to bribe someone in IT before TDU starts next week.


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017