• Dave

    And of course the best new of today doesn’t even come from the world of cycling. Maybe the UCI should abandon their own appeal of the Olga Zabelinskaya case and nicely ask the team at WADA to handle it, why not go with a team coming off a 34-0 win.

    Trying to hold off the schadenfreude …. trying really hard … nope, failing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

      • Sean


      • ceedee

        Pretty good out come for anti doping given not a single player tested positive. #loselips

        • Dave

          Interestingly, if you read the decision you will notice that the Valverde case was an important precedent in this area.

        • Sean

          Lance didn’t test positive either.

          • ceedee

            Really, you don’t say.

          • jules

            he actually did

            • choppy

              so did some bombers when the samples were revisited.

              • jules

                mass spectrometer analysis showed that the samples were pretty close to TB4, but not an identical match. that didn’t clear them, but the CAS apparently chose to discard that evidence – i.e. not accept it as evidence of presence of TB4. possibly as they knew by then they had enough evidence to send them down.

                • Dave

                  CAS ignored the tests because WADA weren’t able to get the expert witnesses to attend the hearing.

                  I’m not sure whether to be concerned, or pleased that such a strong case was built that the tests weren’t necessary.

    • Gordon

      Dave, I’m confused. All I have read for the last 3 years is about a “supplements scandal” so how can they be banned?

      Now I have to take my tongue out of my cheek while I have a small giggle.

      I have been saying for some time how narrow minded some people can be when it comes to the AFL, not all but many.

      • Amandajarellano3

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  • Gavin Adkins

    I love the look back from that rider after he has chopped the entire field in the start of the U23 Belgian CX Champs.

  • martin

    I see Operation Puerto’s back in the news this morning too

  • Bex

    la vuelta video really doesn’t do it for me. the epic music and the line tracing around, doesn’t tell me anything informative or give me an idea as to what sort of stage/finish it’ll be or where in the country it is. plus the plane at the end flying along with the wheels down… who creates this stuff.


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