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  • Nitro

    Oakley Radar Pace seems like an interesting idea.

    Craig Alexander’s right – we’re all given huge amounts of raw data when we’re out there riding / running (Pretty sure you can even get “cadence” and HR data when you’re swimming these days) – but turning that “data” into “knowledge” / understanding what to do with it all – there’s clearly huge potential for value add there.

    I just still / never will be able to get my head around the concept of riding with headphones in. I listen to music (the louder the better!) when running, but running on a footpath / trail is a little different to cycling on a road with other traffic around…

  • Simon

    The Virenque cartoon is dated isn’t it? The guy retired over 11 years back.

  • Arfy

    Could’ve done with those sprinklers this morning

  • jules

    interesting, if sentimental interview with Lucas Euser. I dunno how I’d deal with being involved in the sort of crash Phinney was, but I reckon being a pro cyclist would likely spoil the fun for me.


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