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  • John_Irvine

    Go ahead and try that prank in Baltimore, and you’ll get knifed. Heck, just ride down the street and you’ll get knifed.

    • Chris

      Cool story bro.

  • jules

    I recall Sean Lake showing up to local crits – got a start in lowest grade, won, moved up a grade, won, etc. until he was in A grade.

    • Not surprised!

    • Tommy Ratna

      Correct – D grade to A grade in three weeks at SKCC, all on a borrowed, over-sized ancient Giant.


      • Sean

        huge engine!

  • Neil

    I agree with what SOM/MAAP say, but it’s a moot point. Those rules are for all WT races, not just TDU. Can’t see them being changed. Drapac had to go Pro Conti for an invite, Avanti would need to do the same.

    • Dave

      The only change I would like to see with the TDU team selection is the race management opening up a couple more spots for Pro Continental teams instead of restricting themselves to one. With only seven riders per team, having just 20 teams in total leaves plenty of room to add as many as four more.

      If the WorldTour survives the current ASO-UCI dispute with relatively minor changes, I would support a global amendment that would allow every WorldTour race to have the highest-ranked team from that country to enter regardless of which UCI division they race in, a bit like the Olympics allows the host nation entry to every sport without requiring qualification. This would not make any difference for the TDU at the moment because Orica attends anyway, but it would make a difference for the two Canadian WorldTour races as there are no Canadian-registerd WorldTeams or Pro Conti teams.

    • Neil_Robinson

      The suggestion is the use of the “National Team” slot that’s currently a bunch of individuals (UniSA).

      So instead of inviting guys who race well as individuals, invite the team that races well.

      The other suggestions is that it should be u23 riders who aren’t already contracted to a pro conti or world tour team.

      • Neil

        I completely agree with the latter part of your comment. The UniSA team for me isn’t for guys who’ve ridden World Tour previously, but instead NRS riders who show the ability to ride at that level and could do with the exposure. I had a bit of a problem with Steele VH and Jack B being picked in that team last year, both having ridden World Tour the previous year. I’d even be okay with some kiwis, like Joe Cooper and Patty Bevin (not now he’s signed with Cannondale) who have been dominant at NRS races.

        • Robert Merkel

          You can’t pick Kiwis for an Aussie national team, no matter whether the kit says “Avanti Isowhey” or “UniSA”.

          Which is a problem with the idea if Avanti is the team who’d get the gig if it’s a year where their best riders are Kiwis.

          • Neil

            Yeah, understand that. Talking a lot of hypotheticals here.

            • Dave

              Obviously a NRS team racing as the national team would have to be the highest-ranked Australian team, not a team from NZ. Avanti could seek special treatment at NZ’s biggest international event.

              The team selected would also need to pick between going under the UniSA banner for a week or buying out the UniSA sponsorship contract for that year to race as [primary sponsor]-Australia.

              Maybe a hybrid concept should be considered – a panel of the TDU, CA and SASI to select two ‘guest’ riders for UniSA (could be young stars, SA riders if none are in the race with other teams, or even a retiring great signing off with one last race like Patrick Jonker did) and then ask the best Australian team to select the other five guys and provide the support staff for the UniSA team.

              • jules

                yeah but I think Avanti were still Aus-registered even when their top riders were Kiwis

                • Dave

                  They haven’t been registered here for a few years now.

                  If they want special treatment in Australia, they should demonstrate their commitment to the sport in Australia instead of chopping and changing every time Cycling New Zealand offers a slightly better deal.

              • Robert Merkel

                From an outsider’s perspective, this sounds pretty like a sensible and workable model.

    • thomasrdotorg
  • Annie.

    It would be very interesting for me to read how exactly Pierre Rolland’s training routine referred to as “… like someone was training in 1975.” looked like in detail, and even more so how “He’s really made
    some big improvements, and that will be interesting to see this season.” will have been achieved.


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