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  • Industry

    CT – any comment on the rumours Rapha is pulling out of retailers and going online sales only? I see they are dropping support for Team Sky next year (not sure about the womens team).

    • Neil_Robinson

      they definitely are in australia.

      • WhereIsMyBike

        Don’t they still sell product from their club house in Sydney? I saw they have pulled out of a bike shop in Melbourne and just thought it might be because they are setting up their own shop / club house thingy in Melbourne too?

    • jules

      I don’t see as much Rapha stuff any more. I think they are facing greater competition from a growing number of ‘aspirational’ kit suppliers.

      • Dave

        Their sponsorship of Team Sky was what pushed them past their peak. Way too mainstream.

    • Sam

      They seems to be going own channels (online and club house) to build a more direct relationship with customers. But having said that, I haven’t seen mention of a Melb club in Simon Mottram’s 2016 plan.

  • Dont mess with the Hoff

    Love to see a review of the FACTOR bikes that Von Hoff is thrashing around on!

  • Neil_Robinson

    if before that direct energie announcement, you’d asked me who was taller out of Sylvain Chavanel and Thomas Voeckler, i would have put my house (maybe just a monopoly one) on Chavanel. Chalk that up as another “damn, pro’s are tiny!” revelation.

    • Andy B

      According to the internet you are correct – Chavanel is 7cm taller

      • Neil_Robinson

        oh… then um… i feel somewhat silly now.

        • Sean

          tommy was probably standing on a brick or something.

    • Lanterne Rouge

      Composite photo. They have shots of individual riders and put them together as needed, or stand alone.

    • Paulafclay2

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  • The Unknown Pro

    Come on! We want news on Alberto Bettiol of Cannondale at the TDU…


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