• jules

    I’d say Australia has been penalised with the number of starters at the Rio road race due to abusing the privilege at last year’s Worlds when they rode against each other

    • Sean

      It’s probably got more to do with australia finishing last year ranked 8th in the WT.

      • jules

        oh yeah, that :)

    • Dave

      I heard the UCI was considering allowing Australia six riders, so long as the squad was composed of:


      • jules

        but those are some of our best riders! ;)

        • Dave

          They could run the team like our entries in the Hopman Cup tennis a couple of weeks ago – half of them as Australia Green and the others as Australia Gold.

          • Abdu


            You watched the Hopman Cup? Do you know the 7 other people?

            • Dave

              Two were my sister and her boyfriend…

            • jules

              is that the competition with those troubled teenagers who had to be dragged onto the court and told to be patriotic?

              • Michele

                It is.

                It’s a form community service. However, unlike other more time-honoured and traditional forms used in years past, there appears to be no service to the community at all.

    • jon

      US only has 2, so who gets to go?? Horner?

  • Andy B

    Disc brakes would come in handing for riding down sloped roofs like that

  • Marcus

    I never realised different countries had different team size limits, seems ridiculously unfair. The advantage a 5 man team has over a 2 man team is laughable (not that it helped GB or Aus in 2012 :)). The IOC may as well have different team sizes in football, hockey, and basketball too! Goes to show how few realise cycling is typically a team sport.

    • Abdu

      Not so laughable, team numbers are based on quality and the field can’t be in the ‘000’s.

      With a limited field, much as it would be nice to have 9 riders from Rwanda, it’s not likely they would ‘deserve’ the same as Italy.

    • Michele

      Swings and roundabouts.

      A few years ago in the World Championship Road Race, GB had 4 riders competing. Italy had the max number of 9.

      Obviously 4 vs. 9 is totally unfair. Hence why Tom Southam and Charly Wegelius decided to ride for the Italians instead.


      • Dave

        Wasn’t that the same year that Roger Hammond rode for the Belgians, most of whom were riding for Robbie McEwen?

  • warnschild

    So what about this guy Kevin Evans? Will they take his victories from him; have him pay back prize money? They for sure should!


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