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February 26, 2017
February 25, 2017
February 24, 2017
February 23, 2017
  • Ley ley

    It comes across as a little childish Savio’s insincere reaction to the Giro non-invite.

  • Paolo

    Ewans “new” aero sprinting style makes me shiver. I hope he can control his bike in a tight sprint where there he can’t sprint in a straight line.

    • Andy B

      Looks pretty effective to me

    • jules

      he seems to have a decent grasp of things

    • Dave

      Very good point – a similar sprinting style has landed Cavendish either big success or big trouble over the years, and nothing much between the two extremes.

      • Paolo

        Difference to Cav is , that it is Cav’s natural style. I think Ewan is trying to sprint aero, i mean his head is almost below is bars. A bump on the road and he’s knocking himself out. Oh well, let’s just hope he keeps it under control.

        • Dave

          Natural or not, Cav-ikaze sprints have caused a lot of problems for himself and others around him, and they should have been clamped down on by the UCI commissaires years ago.

  • Nitro

    I know there will be some discussion as to if Caleb Ewan is really “Racing against the best sprinters in the world”, but 6 wins in 8 starts is pretty damn impressive by any yardstick.

    Really excited to see how he progresses over the next few years – hopefully he stays focused, well grounded and injury free so he (and us, the viewer) can enjoy a long and successful career for a long time to come….

    • charlie

      Maybe best not race against the best at this stage of his career. Best to build experience and confident in second tier races.

      • jules

        is that you Andrei?

        • Dale Smith

          Ha ha. Yeah I reckon the big boys might be a little worried. Between Ewan and Gaviria the sprint hierarchy is changing.

      • Dave

        Racing against – and beating – the best doesn’t seem to be a problem for Fernando Gaviria at the same stage of his career. By my count he’s taken victories over Cav three times (and chased him out of Etixx-QuickStep), Greipel once, Sagan once and Viviani three times.

        As much as I disagree with WorldTour riders being allowed to enter the U23 World Championship race this year, it does set up a mighty battle with Ewan, Gaviria and Danny van Poppel for the win on the flat roads in Qatar.

        • Cam

          Pretty sure I read that Ewan plans to ride the elite world championship race this year.

          • Dave

            I read that too – but that was before the UCI changed the rules for the U23 race.

    • Andy B

      His win rate is very impressive, I think some people take it for granted how hard it is to win a race at the professional level
      None of these guys are easy beats.. to do it consistently is awesome :)

  • Tim Ashton

    “He was also ordered to pay legal fees of €378, which will also likely strike a bad note with him”

    I enjoyed that pun…so thanks to whoever wrote it!

    • That would be Shane Stokes’ handiwork!

      • oakie

        There are a couple of real groaners in there…
        Any indication what the substance was? He could come up with the same defense as the snowboarder in the Olympics (forgotten his name) who testing positive for weed… “I was at party, and…’

      • Abdu

        As a Dad, I hereby claim that joke.

  • Dan Caz

    I really hope we see a Gaviria / Ewan showdown this year. Maybe Giro?

  • Cipo

    It’s well know that hairy legs are the antidote to the World Champ jersey curse. Sagan paid good money to the Slovenian witch doctor for that info.

  • craig

    does anyone know the exact TV schedule for this year – if Robbie interviews Caleb in a forest will anyone hear……
    we get better coverage when its overseas after midnight – why should we not expect it a little better here


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February 26, 2017
February 25, 2017
February 24, 2017
February 23, 2017