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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017
  • ceedee

    Spirit of the sport?

    • Michele

      READ: TDU has it’s own set of rules.

      See Mick Rogers 2002.

      See also the 4th or 5th year of the event [off the top of my head], when a small breakaway lapped the rest of the peloton in what is now called the TDU Classic. Law stated lapped riders are eliminated from race. Got rather messy – breakaway driving through the race convoy [which was a lot larger back then]. Mike Turtur basically let everyone stay in the race. The stage ‘winner’ actually rode 1 less lap than the break away riders.

      That said .. I agree Tyler should’ve stayed in the race.

      • Dave

        There’s nothing unique to the early lower-ranked years of the TDU (don’t forget that the CA commissaires was just as much to blame as Turtur for not sorting it out properly) about circuit races leading to stuff going wrong – and indeed that’s why HC and WT stage races (where the results matter much more) have more stringent criteria around course design than lower-ranked stage races.

        At the 2013 national championship at Buninyong, for example, a rigid approach to the rules would have seen the entire peloton DQ’d when they let the gap to the break get in excess of two minutes over the lap end cutoff time. But that would have looked silly in a televised race, so of course CA ignored the rule when it suited them.

        The real problem is that the UCI rules on circuit stages are messy, and they need to be replaced with a version that is good for the sport, fair for the competitors and easily applicable.


        I agree with the decision of the UCI commissaires to both refuse to find that Farrar did anything wrong and also with their decision to publicly clarify the situation with the support vehicles which prompted them to meet in the middle. That’s exactly why the commissaires have the discretion to not make a finding at all, or to discharge any offence with a warning instead of a sanction.

        I hope that this was just the start of the UCI commissaires adopting the same level of transparency seen in many other sports. I’m looking forward to their explanation of why Gerrans was not relegated for coming off his line in the sprint and almost killing McCarthy.

  • Nitro

    The Tyler Farrar story – feel good story of the Tour to date.

    Thumbs up to the organisers for technically bending the rules a little, but absolutely doing the right thing by the fans…

    • Michele

      Well it’s not like they could kick him out of the TDU …

      After all, Mick Rogers won the 2002 TDU after crashing and finishing one stage on a fan’s bike.


      Back to Tyler .. the fan’s bike was a De Rosa; hope it wasn’t a Protos. I think that falls below the 6.8Kg UCI weight limit.

    • I saw Tyler climbing up Norton’s Summit dropped off the back about 2-3mins down. Chances are that we won’t catch back up and make the time cut.

  • Neil_Robinson

    you’re missing the link the main/full article at the bottom of US MEN RECEIVE ONLY TWO OLYMPIC ROAD SPOTS: WHAT WENT WRONG?

  • Bill Hostile

    The Mikel Otero video is the greatest bromance story ever told.


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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017