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  • Wookie

    Rather impressed with the mountain bikers (and the trail itself and the setting – stunning!) in Sedona; I often forget how skilful MTBers have to be. There were moments when I was reminded of the way cats are paradoxically able to go through holes smaller than their own body…

  • Wookie

    Also: Big congrats to Bridie O’Donnell. Brilliant effort, magnificent achievement. Hats off!

    • Brendatestrada1

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  • Forum Commentator

    Liggett and the art of self-deception. Astana and the empire built on fraudulent success. Perhaps they have something in common. Who cares though, Liggett will go on commentating and Astana will be in the sport as long as they like, with highly paid PR staff to keep the critics at bay.

    • CC

      Yes, yes, very insightful. But, after a while pessimism simply gets boring -:)

  • Flash

    Have to love those trails in the USA, great riding and scenery.
    Whilst I love Aust, some parts of the US are just spectacular, my favourite place in the world is Yosemite.
    And poor old Phil L., must feel a bit let down by certain people – he is not the only one (I have a signed picture of and by LA – now not worth much at all).

    • Optimism

      I’ll admit I once had a Livestrong wristband. LA duped me too but I’ll happily admit that I believed in the fairytale story, because it gave HOPE for my sick friends. Sure its easier to be a cynical person…but you live a much sadder life.

  • Arfy

    Thanks to CT for the updates on the terrible Giant-Alpecin crash, hope they all get a full recovery. It’s got me wondering if there is any allowance in the UCI rules for long-term injured riders to be temporarily replaced on the team roster?

    • Dave

      Not unless they the injured rider/s being replaced agree to the termination of their contract and the team buys them out. Giant-Alpecin, however, shouldn’t need to do that as they have three empty slots they could fill with unsigned riders.

      Any new riders added to the team can’t be poached from other UCI-registered teams (except perhaps teams that are officially linked development teams) and will need to have been on the full anti-doping program for a minimum of six months before they can enter a race under their new colours. Good luck finding any riders with a fully compliant anti-doping record who aren’t already signed to a team!

  • horses

    In Sydney on Saturday there was a poorly-publicised and poorly-attended ride to protest fine increases and mandatory photo ID for cyclists. It would be great if CyclingTips could give some coverage to the protest being organised by Bicycle Network in a few weeks (https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/general/media/3856/) so that if might be more effective.

    It would also be interesting to see an article about these changes, with a particular emphasis on why the Amy Gillett Foundation and Cycling Australia think that the more draconian measures are a reasonable compromise in exchange for the introduction of minimum distance passing laws. The secretive “round table” discussions that lead to these changes were likely going to result in passing laws being introduced anyway, but the AGF and CA position did nothing but give the minister the “consensus” he needed to live out his dream and introduce measures to discourage cycling.

    • markpa

      I have certainly expected there to be more discussion of this draconian and pointless approach (well it’s pointless if the issue is improving cyclist safety).

  • Mark Blackwell

    “Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge”… remarkably frank commentary from Chris Baldwin on Astana and its figurehead. Wonder if he needs to publicly burn the bridge to recover his own reputation.

  • charlie

    Phil Liggett represents the very worst kind of sports commentator/journalist. The sooner he retires and better.

  • What’s Cosmo Catalano up to these days? Didn’t see any videos of How the TDU was won etc..

    • Damien

      He got a new job, among other things. To quote a post elsewhere, in reply to whether he will come back:

      ” Even I’m not sure at the moment, but I’m leaning toward “no”. For more reasons than I feel like going into (the final TWIB covered a few), I’m not in a good place with regard to cycling right now.

      That’s not to say I don’t still love the sport, or that I’m not proud of my past work, or completely psyched about my online following. There have even been a few offers to do some paid video work from real publications, but topics haven’t always been what I want, and the pay isn’t even half of what I’d normally bill, especially not on top of an 8 hour workday.

      The survey this summer was more to assess the viability of some sort of pay-if-you-like-it plan, ala CGP Gray. I was working on a six-month contract at that point, and honestly didn’t expect to be converted to full-time (I’ve never thought much of myself as a developer). But after my contract expired, they brought me on board as a real employee with real health insurance and a real paycheck—and frankly, a little fucking respect.

      Now if some broadcaster or publication or whatever feels like making an offer, I’d be completely willing to entertain it. But doing what I’ve done in the past sure doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen this time around.”

  • Searlo

    No mention of Drapac’s Jason Lowndes picking up 3rd in St Lius?

  • Andy B

    I spent a couple of days quad biking in Sedona a few years back, that video brings back fond memories
    its an amazing part of the world.. would love to go mountain biking there


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