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  • Geoff

    It’s funny, a minute of Peter Sagan in Argentina has more entertainment value than a whole week of TDU from Adelaide. You call Old Willunga Hill a hill? This is a hill…

    • pablo_skils

      I didn’t see the TDU video, but if worse than this one, it must have been truly soporific. You’re right about this climb though… ugly steep. I guess the organizers didn’t think to tell the teams to bring gearing for 20%+ climbs? There’s still a wild west in this sport!

  • Patrick Murphy

    I do wonder if Swifty needs to adapt his style, look at someone like Thomas who has reinvented himself from domestique to Classics specialist and now a combination of Classics / possible GT contender. Swift is very talented, I’m sure he could become even better.

    • Legstrong

      His closest model to look up to is Tom Boonen. From a sprinter to the king of classics.

      • Patrick Murphy



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