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  • Simon

    What a beautiful bird with matching Astana blue feathers too.

    • Nitro

      And just a little bit more friendly than the magpies we have to contend with…

  • Paolo

    So Voigt tips are, first build a massive endurance base then to the high intensity. Most people skip point one, or think a few days or weeks is enough, and go straight to two and wonder why they never go anywhere.

    • Nitro

      I’ve just always loved the attitude of the guy

      “If the sun was shining and the sky was blue, I’d attack. I didn’t have a plan, I just decided right in the moment”

      Less science, more passion. Can we have more of that in 2016 please…?

    • jules

      from what I’ve read of training approaches, there are 2 approaches:
      1. massive endurance and then high intensity leading up to target event
      2. high intensity-based training – i.e. quality over quantity.

      I’m far from an expert, but it’s unclear to me that either is clearly superior. but you can build endurance with the accumulation of high intensity training – maybe not 1 min intervals, but longer ones.

      • Paolo

        The second approach was introduced at the same time as the rise of EPO, because endurance didn’t need to be trained so much anymore but could be injected. And it sells more books and coaching programs too.

        • jules

          unsure about that. Vaughters always says “it was just as hard, you just went a bit faster”

          • Anto, NZ

            Greg LeMond, sorry; “It never gets easier, you just go faster”

            • jules

              They both said that. Vaughters was talking about doping and the myth that taking EPO meant you could sit back and take it easy. LeMond was just talking about developing/training in general.

          • Cynic

            Don’t shoot Bambi. I mean sure Stuey O has been nabbed and confessed, and everyone else around him and throughout that era sure, but Jens doping? Surely not… ?

            Vaughters too, he gave a well crafted and very quiet admission in 2012 then has avoided and run from the question ever since.

            There’s too much $ invested in these guys to fess up lie others.

            • jules

              Vaughters may have avoided openly discussing his doping, but he’s made it clear enough that he doped. He’s not hiding anything.

      • For most amateur cyclists, the second approach makes more sense. Most amateur roadies race up to 2 hours, so the need of a massive endurance base isn’t really necessary. Spending time focusing on the specific energy systems required to do well in a race would be my advice. For example, I’m constantly surprised by the amount of athletes who don’t train their sprint, despite >90% of races coming down to a small bunch sprint.

        • jules

          good advice. I’ve lost races due to poor sprinting. races on Beach Rd to the Mordi cafe mind you, but races all the same :)

          • Dave

            Winning is all in the head, it sounds like you just need to find a better cafe that’s worth sprinting for.

            Having had prior experience of their heavenly custard berliners, nobody was beating me to the Port Elliot Bakery after the Bupa Challenge last week.

      • Andy B

        Ultimately I think it will come down to the individual person, bodies respond differently

        • jules

          I think also what varies a lot is availability of the individual to do training – some people are necessarily stuck with very short time periods and therefore high intensity.

  • jules

    that driver was crazy. swerving from the other side of the road at the cyclist. he could have done it legally from behind and not even been fined.

    • Gordon

      No one is biting Jules

      • jules

        ok then

        • Gordon

          Everyone is either gobsmacked or taking the approach of “don’t acknowledge him as it only encourages him” (which being married to a teacher of “naughty kids” means I know the second approach all to well).

  • Ron

    1. Can Sagan wear the world champ colors in the Olympic Road Race?
    2. Has anyone won back to back RR world champs?
    3. Will his leg hair get as long as his head hair?

    • Dave

      1. No.

      2. Georges Ronsse 1928-29, Rik Van Steenbergen 1956-57, Rik van Looy 1960-61, Gianni Bugno 1991-92, Paolo Bettini 2006-07. But more likely than that is the chance of Michael Matthews becoming only the second person ever to take consecutive second placings.

      3. Only if his next video clip with his wife includes reenacting scenes involving a certain Star Wars character…

  • Simon

    Given the current and historical concerns with betting agencies involved in tennis, soccer, cricket and other sports, it is noteworthy that Unibet are lining up as a sponsor.

    • jules

      unlike those other sports, race fixing is actually an accepted part of pro cycling!

    • Dave

      What could possibly go wrong?

      I wonder if ASO will politely suggest that the ex-Rabo women’s team declines an incitation to La Course if the Unibet deal goes through?


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