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    So much good stuff! Thanks Anne-Marije!

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  • ummm…

    As long as women’s pro cycling can pull in the numbers like male pro cycling can, then they should get an equal piece of the pie according to their profitability. Now, of course there has to be an initial investment. While womens cycling may have more of a parody to male cycling then lets say womens and males weightlifting, I’d say we have to be mindful of realities. Men have athletic talents that women largely dont. We need to be realistic re: parody and how appealing womens cycling may be to both genders. We cant just promote women’s cycling if the numbers come back in 5 years and it isn’t working. However, anything is better than the current state, and it is most certainly worth the time and energy to grow it. Many of the hardships of women in pro cycling is unfortunate and is worth a few shots at remedying.


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