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  • onelegmatt

    I’ve been riding the Stada LGG tires for years though every season from hot summers to cold winters, in various sizes, colors, and tpi’s. I’ve never had an issue with them and keep coming back to them when replacements are needed (which is a lot of mileage). I use the 60 tpi Black 28’s on Pennsylvania gravel roads and some light single track from time to time, and they have held up with no issues. For the price, they are a great value.

  • sss

    I’ve used the 28mm version of this tyre. A reasonable tyre, if not spectacular, I was most disappointed by their lack of side wall protection. The tread doesn’t cover enough of the casing and leaves the sidewalls exposed. This lack of coverage proved to be their undoing on the dirt roads I like to ride with 2 tyres binned due to side wall cuts.

  • 1941

    I had Clement as back tire in the 120 tpi version, 23mm. Loads of punctures gave up after the 4th. Sad as they were reasonably supple and gripped well in the wet for the price.

  • Murph

    I also use the 28C 60tpi version of these tyres on my commuting roadie. The tan sidewalls look great and the ride is comfy and stable. They’re still low mileage but have seen a few impacts around Sydney and no punctures as yet. However, they are not fast. 7.2/10

  • zosim

    I’ve been riding mine (28c 120tpi) throughout winter… I mean central European winter with snow, rain and the associated forest/field/city run-off which is a puncture fest for a lot of riders. Despite everything, I’ve had no punctures and they’re pretty fast rolling for what I consider a “compromise” tyre to give me a little more grip in all situations. I’d recommend the 120tpi ones over the 60tpi as people I know with the latter are less impressed than I’ve been which we all put down to the TPI count.

  • Bfantastico

    I had the 60 TPI version and they were awful. Incredibly heavy and unresponsive rubber. Punctured twice with a horrible tear right through the center casing. Will not recommend and avoid at all costs.

  • jb

    really good tires. ive been riding, commuting and racing the ***120TPI*** in 25mm for the past 6 moths, doing about 300-400km a week on all kinds of roads and terrain from tarmac to rutted gravel, hills and fast bunch rides and in all kinds of conditions. i love railing descents and pushing it on any corner i can and these tires have passed every test. ive only had two punctures, both were pinches and they were both 100% my fault from mounting kerbs whilst turning and going way too fast, literally had rim/ground contact. ive only just started feeling them lose grip as they wear and the rear tire has started to go square which is more than reasonable. i used to be a GP4000SII die hard so these tires are worth a try, plus they are a fair bit cheaper. my only gripe is the side walls are a little fragile, hence the pinch flats, but still only 2 in 6 months!! don’t even get that from gators from my experience. no im not affiliated with clement, chris from bespoke cycles in perth WA put me onto them. get some !


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