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  • CC

    Floor pump looks incredible. Out of interest, did you try sticking the frame pump in rear triangle?

    • The frame pump sent for review was too large for the rear triangle of any of the bikes I had on hand. It might work with the smallest sizes, but the handle doesn’t have much shaping to suit the tight angles. I used to keep my old Zefal HPX pump in the rear triangle, using the quick release lever as a makeshift pump peg, but it was never very secure.

      • scottmanning

        never very secure, but very pro.

        • winkybiker

          True that.

  • scottmanning

    Very nice bit of kit but the $720 price tag is as unnecessarily inflated as the 12000psi hose. I see the point in quality tools, and maybe there is some credit to the heirloom side of things but I’m not convinced. It feels to me to be the type of thing a rich person buys because they can, and to show others they can but that might be my not so rich talking. Having said that… if money was no object, I’d have one in my garage!

  • 42x16ss

    I had a Silca Pista handed down to me from a friend of my dad’s. In over 15 years, all I’ve had to change is one of the leather cups and the gaskets in the head.

    It’s at least 20 years old and still going strong.

    • warnschild

      If I had the money, I’d try to get my hands on one of these old models. They’d be something special and more precious to me than one of the still very boring new ones at “inflated” price level. O, I’d actually love to have a red one like shown in the pictures, I think, it was in the other article linked above. :)

    • I’ve spent my entire cycling life looking for the ultimate pocket pump. I obviously haven’t tried them all, but I’ve used a coupe dozen and have liked none of them. I bought the Silca a few months ago and assuming it holds up, it’s as close and I think I’m ever going to get.

      • winkybiker

        That’s a good endorsement. Most pocket pumps are completely useless. When you get a good one, hang onto it. I have al all-metal one with a locking chuck (never had any luck with push-on chucks) that is simple, effective and durable. No silly telescoping double barrels nor “double action” valves. It just works. Not fast, but high pressure and reliable.

      • velocite

        After my last lightweight mini pump failed I upgraded to a non-lightweight Specialized pump which works well. It’s just under a foot long, so not a pocket pump. At 125g it’s no lightweight but it’s still 25g lighter than the Silcra, and being bigger it no doubt pumps up quicker.

        And I don’t get pocket pumps: why carry a pump in your pocket when you can clip it under a bidon cage? Cool surely declines with functionality?

        • winkybiker

          Nope. Not for me. Carrying it in my jersey pocket means I can have one pump for multiple bikes.

    • Simon

      Yep they last and outlive some other modern pumps. I’ve had mine 30 years, still going strong. I upgraded the chuck recently by fitting the SKS chuck from my SKS pump that cracked at the base in <5 years! I also made the old Silca more stable whilepumping by fitting a larger floor pad with some pieces of wood.
      Looking at that expensive Silca floor pump, one thing they could have considered was to move the pressure dial further up so older eyes can read it more easily.

      • warnschild

        Or young to regular eyes with regard to bad lightning conditions in cellars, garages and sheds…

  • Legstrong

    Their pumps showed outstanding quality. But $720? Realistically, just like the last sentence in the article, this is a super niche market in already a niche market (cycling). Get a Topeak floor pump and use the rest to pay a coaching service. Money well spent. Of course, all my opinion.

  • RayG

    The pictures with the Bombtrack show why the Impero Ultimate is even more niche – it should only be used on a frame with a pump peg.

    • Albert

      I believe they supply a piece of Velcro strap to hold the pump snug against the top tube.

      • RayG

        That’ll be so much more attractive. Sorry, doesn’t work for me.

  • Woody

    $720 for a pump. Seriously?
    Makes Rapha kit look like a bargain!

    • Spider

      Woody – the mark has moved – they (Rapha) released $450 shorts last week to go with the matching $375 jersey….so perhaps there is a comp going on between Rapha & Silca?

      • warnschild

        As they want you to keep the pump but get the latest Rapha jersey at least several times a year, pricing seems to be at a pretty competitive level already :P

  • Cameron Harris

    There’s a fair bit of Australia tax in that pricing – this is a USD450 pump. Are you sure the $720 isn’t the pricing for the Ultimate Plus?

    • Sorry, it’s just the Ultimate. It does come with one of Silca’s Allen keys though!

    • Kosmo

      If you convert the US price of $450.00 USD divided by the AUD of .69 = $652.20, add the 10% gst and the price is $717.42 AUD. The price is exactly where it should be, that is considering that you get .69 cents, the rate is probably lower than this hence it would in effect be more expensive. Not bad value if you ask me, hence I bought one and it is the best pump I have ever used. It makes the most boring part of cycling tolerable..


    Pocket Imperio is the best mini pump I have ever owned. No more excruciating pain in my elbow, no more lost tempers at side of road. 100GBP well spent.

  • dubonb1ke

    you can pay more than $720 for the silca floor pump with unique Dario Pegoretti paint job – its available in very limited numbers #lottowishlist

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    To me the best bargain was the original SILCA Made-in-Italy floor pump. 3+ decades of use and mine’s still going strong courtesy of a few replacement parts from Josh at the new SILCA. But I just HAD to have an Ultimate…a LOT of loot but as long as you can keep it from being stolen it’ll last your lifetime and probably your children’s….or you can burn through a series of lesser pumps at a price that will likely eventually exceed what you’d pay for an Ultimate. In a “throw-away” world, timeless, lifetime value still means something to some of us.

  • Eagle Jackson

    I have the Impero frame pump. I also have the Silca Hiro pump chuck. I used a frame pump back in the day. The past n years, since I switched to a carbon bike with no pump peg, I’ve been using a mini pump and CO2. My success rate with CO2 is not high enough for me to ride without a pump as backup. It’s almost always something I screw up, but I do it often enough. If I have to use the mini pump, heck we all know how tedious that is. I decided to give a frame pump a try again and went with the Silca. Overpriced of course; that’s part of the point with Silca now, I guess. But when I use it, man, it sure is nice to use a quality frame pump again. It inflates quickly and confidently. The negative is, as the review notes, it doesn’t fit all that securely. I mounted along the top tube. You have to experiment which orientation fits the best. Even then, on my first ride, the pump bounced off onto the ground. Now my expensive, overpriced frame pump is all scratched up. Maybe that gives it instant patina. Now I use a couple of velcro straps to secure it to the top tube. It doesn’t look all that pro, but it works. And it all seems worth it when you have to use it along the side of the road.

    The Hiro chuck is the best pump head I’ve ever used. It’s addicting, honestly. I’m surprised that Silca doesn’t include one with the (overpriced) floor pump. The standard head is fine, but the Hiro is sublime.


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