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  • jules

    well if they brought that law in here in Australia, the Barwon Prison AFL team would be pretty tough to beat

  • dsd74

    Amazing that a prison term for cheating in sports can carry a stiffer sentence than for some crimes that result in physical harm….

    • jules

      it just doesn’t stand up to logic. the Minister said: “It is a clear commitment of Germany for clean and fair sport.”

      if that’s the objective, why not criminalise cheating in sport? there are a range of ways to cheat, doping is just one. they all have the same outcome on sporting integrity.

      it’s like 1 punch laws that have been introduced – they are a knee jerk reaction by politicians keen to be seen to be taking action. what is the lesson taken from these – hit your victim at least twice? it’s the outcome that should be addressed – assault, or cheating in sport.

      • Dave

        That assumes the maximum prison term actually gets applied by a judge at some point.

        If you’ve got good fraud laws and prosecutors are backed up with proper funding, special laws for sport shouldn’t be needed – as Marion Jones and the three Pakistani spot-fixers would know better than most.

        • Dave

          Failing that, the North Korean approach could always be applied to cheats as well as losers.

        • jules

          my lay legal opinion – I doubt doping would stand up legally as fraud. this is why explicitly criminalising doping is ‘useful’ – as you don’t need to prove fraud. but if you’ve used fraud as the justification for criminalising doping, that’s kind of illogical.

          • Dave

            Also speaking as a not-lawyer, I suspect it might vary according to the jurisdiction.


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