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  • You can expect to see @BrianCooksonUCI send a Tweet wishing a ” Speedy Recovery ” any time soon !

    Continually i have called for the UCI to create an Umbrella Org ” so as to address the Cyclist Safety Issues on a World Wide basis , yet when i look at ” VisionZeroWorldWide ” i see little evidence of support !

    On that facebook page you can find so many Racers & Ex Racers holding the ” Placards ” as i made the photos , yet , how many of them passed the photos onto their Social media so as to alert people to their interest in NOT ONLY the safety of their Fans but also to ensure they avoid TRAFFIC VIOLENCE !

    With a Death of a Male Cyclist and an Attacked Woman Cyclist , mid week here in Melbourne , i saw NO EVIDENCE of the spruikers of the TOUR Down Under , showing ANY Interest in warning the General Public of the dangers that People on Bikes face DAILY !

    OK Phil Liggett tells viewers that racers were doing 100+ kph on a hill and Robby Mc Ewan says that Racers do 70+ across the finish line , BUT , where is the ” Request ” for Jo Citizen , to TAKE CARE AROUND CYCLISTS ?

    Do we have to have a repeat of Amy Gillett & 5 Other Lady Racers , before we HEAR these people , who ALSO ride bikes on Public Roads REMIND the Viewers that WE ARE ALL HUMANS and need to give 100% concentration whilst in motion ?

    Who cares if it is a Britain in Spain or a German in Germany , UNTIL the Policing Authorities ensure that ALL Road Users are 100% concentrated on the task at hand , even to the extent of emptying their [pockets and Locking them up , , we will Only hear of Casualties when they are Pro Racers !

    Social Media CAN lead the way , BUT , until the RACERS speak out , then little will happen !

    Given up expecting the likes of phil & paul to do anything other than get confused with names such as ” Mc Carthy ” , pronounced by Phil as ” Mc Carty “!

    Take care out there , nobody seems to care !

  • Johnny

    Degenkolb posted the following on his facebook page:
    “Aufgrund der vielen Genesungswünsche und Nachrichten will ich mich doch kurz melden. Es geht mir den Umständen entsprechend gut. Vorhin wurden unter Vollnarkose die Wunden an Oberschenkel, Unterarm und Lippe genäht. Jetzt bin ich im Krankenwagen unterwegs nach Valencia, wo in einem größeren Krankenhaus mein linker Zeigefinger wiederhergestellt werden soll. Er hing nur noch am letzten Zipfel an meiner Hand. An viel kann ich mich nicht erinnern. Auch den anderen Jungs alles Gute. Ich melde mich wieder. Danke für eure Unterstützung.”

    This roughly translates into:
    Becauseof all the kind wishes to get well again I want to get in touch briefly. I’m doing as good as can be expected under the circumstances. Earler, I needed stitches to my upper leg, underarm and lips with narcosis. Now I’m traveling to Valencia by ambulanca, where my left forefinger should be reconstituted. It just hung at the last tip at my hand. I can’trecall much. Best wishes also to the other guys. I’ll get in touch again. Thank you for your support.


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