Happy birthday Ella!

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It’s gone by in a flash but it was 12 months ago today we took the plunge and launched Ella CyclingTips (‘Her’ CyclingTips, in Spanish).

It’s been quite the exciting ride. I’ve learned a lot about women in cycling over the years and it can be summarised by stating that the similarities are far greater than the differences (to men’s cycling, that is). I’ve been in on many conversations about what women want in cycling, and more often that not it ends up being that men dominate the conversation and tell women what they should be wanting.

For this reason I’ve made a point of hiring and collaborating with some of the best females in the business to dictate the direction of Ella. That’s not to say that I don’t have an opinion on what that should be, but thanks to our editors Anne-Marije Rook, Simone Giuliani, and formerly Jessi Braverman, the content mix is spot on and with a year of learnings under our belts and a solid network, we can only look forward to our service improving.

To be frank, Ella has been the most challenge thing that we’ve done to date. By far. I don’t believe anyone has ever done what we’re attempting to do, so there’s no lead to follow, and no obvious way to draw in a female audience. Everybody assumes that simply covering women’s racing will do the trick, but the fact is that the majority of people who follow female racing are males. We already have a male-dominant audience. Why would we want to attract them again? That’s the unfortunate commercial reality of running a media business.

I’d like to thank Pearl Izumi, Trek and Specialized for their unwavering support and believing in Ella and getting more women on bikes. Without them we couldn’t pay for any of this and they have asked for nothing in return. Please consider supporting them back.

I’d also like to thank our valued contributors who create all this wonderful content. There are far too many to list here, but they range from pro cyclists to photographers and enthusiasts. They all make this happen and a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. We still have lots to improve upon, but I believe in the people behind Ella, and I believe in Ella herself.

Happy first birthday Ella and I look forward to a fantastic year ahead!