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  • ummm…

    men are the consumers of womens racing much more so than women? interesting. I too think the similarities amongst male and female cyclists are much more than the differences. Anyhow, as much as I’ve expressed criticisms of Ella over the last couple of months I can’t imagine another site making such a concerted, well meaning and sustained effort at serving the whole community of cyclists and bringing us together. I first started coming to this site for wade’s original articles and cycling tips. They were invaluable to me and if Ella can accomplish a fraction of that and excite women about the sport while bringing us all together, then it would be/is an outstanding success.

  • David Bonnett

    Thanks to CT for putting their time, money and attention to this. I have learned heaps from the articles on Ella and am constantly pointing them out to my junior racer daughter and her friends, as well as others in the cycling community. Just as with the stories on the main CT pages, I find Ella delves into areas that get ignored by almost every other site who claim to cover all of cycling. Keep it up!


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