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  • Mo

    I love this guy riding style and the way he carries himself. The way he rode ’11 Vuelta and ’12 Tour was Fantastic! However, every time he opens his mouth he keeps repeating the phrase “Riding Clean”. Sometimes I think it is becoming too good to believe.

    • ummm…

      uh oh. I’m not sure we are allowed to say that. We have fans omerta. Not only are the riders not allowed to talk about doping. But, since we found out everyone was doping, WE aren’t allowed to talk about doping now. It is ruining it for the adults who still believe in Santa. Now get back in line!

    • DangerDirte

      I think this comment highlights the reality that there really is no winning that conversation.

  • Stian Pollestad

    Chris Froome is a great bike rider. Although he is a natural talent, I think a lot of his success has to do with growing up in Kenya. Nairobi is elevated to 1661 meters above sea level. Chris Froome trained in those heights during his childhood. At 14 he moved to Johannesburg, which is elevated to 1753 meters above sea level. There he started to get serious about his bike riding. Training at those heights from an early age must have had a positive influence on his performance as an adult. I mean, professionals participating in long distance sport, whether it’s running, skiing etc, train in high altitude as part of their season build-up.


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