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When the CT crew hits the streets of Adelaide for the Tour Down Under this weekend, we’ll be doing so in our brand new team car. After partnering with Holden, we quickly settled on the VFII Sportwagon as we had used a VF Sportwagon Roadtripping Tasmania at the beginning of last year. It was a fairly easy choice, given that at one stage we had the car packed with five guys, eight bikes, and a week’s worth of kit changes and camera gear. Fair to say it’s pretty roomy.

After being handed the keys to the car, it came time to talk about the design of a bumper-to-bumper wrap. To this end we called on the expertise of keen cyclist, Giro della Donna rider (oh, and Holden lead designer) Warrack Leach. In addition to designing some of the cars you see out on the road today, Warrack also designed the Detroit motorshow award-winning Buick Avenir concept car.

Warrack was inspired by an upcoming CT kit (which you’ll see more of tomorrow!) and added a twist by creating a mosaic of over 1,000 user-generated Instagram images from our hashtag #WYMTM (What You Missed This Morning) “… giving CyclingTips followers the chance to look out for themselves on the car at the Tour”.

Warrack continues: “The design is built around the bold gloss stripes that flank the front guards, highlighting the Sportwagon’s long dash-to-axle (a desirable proportion trait of performance rear-drive). They sit above a matte base wrap that integrates the collage of #WYMTM Instagrams woven into the North/South pattern. The livery is designed to look boldly distinctive from distance and richly detailed up-close.”

With the design done, we needed someone to apply it to the car. Brett Kellett is the owner of Signtorque and has a long history of wrapping vehicles in the National Road Series. As a keen cyclist, this project was something Brett was keen to sink his teeth into.

“Working carefully with the digitally printed, matte-laminated, vehicle-specific, self adhesive vinyl, it was a bit of a surprise to discover images of riding buddies. At one stage, with the wrap only an inch from my nose, I found a picture of myself staring back!”

This Sunday the CyclingTips team car makes it’s way across from Melbourne to Adelaide, acting as a support vehicle for our TDU group rides, ultimately finishing up towards the summit of Willunga on Saturday. Following the Tour Down Under it’ll be hitting the road as a support vehicle for a series of Australian Roadtripping features.

To celebrate the launch of our new team car, we’re offering you the chance to take it on a luxury long weekend away to Bright, decked out with two Canyon road bikes, and two Canyon MTBs for the trip. All you need to do is spot the car, and post a photo of it to Instagram using the #WYMTM hashtag before Monday January 25, 2016.

We hope to see you at the Tour!

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