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  • Red Rider

    In the interest of cyclist and cycling safety, can this kit be purchased in high visibility colors?

    • Unfortunately not. There are conflicting studies on high-vis colours and how effective they are at being seen.

      • Roger That

        Given the rise in cycling globally, there is a real lack of research into cyclists and visibility/recognition. Some of the research looks at motorcyclists who are bigger, bulkier and faster than a person in lycra on a bike. Hopefully more research will emerge that’s cycling-centric. POC are doing some interesting work: http://avip.pocsports.com/colors-contrast It’s not just about being visible (colour and contrast), but being recognised (shape). Bright colours may be much more visible in some environments, but a solid shape (black or dark colours) may make you more recognisable as a cyclist to other road users (they see your ‘cyclist shape’).

        Terrific idea behind this kit by the way.

        • Amandajarellano3

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      • Red Rider

        Under low-light conditions (evening, night and early morning), there can be no doubt that black or predominately black clothing is less visible than bright colors such as yellow and orange.

    • obvious

      What a dumb question.

      • Red Rider

        Thank you for your trenchant observation.

  • Dave Scotland

    Will there be any more XL ?

  • Sean Doyle

    Appreciate the effort and absolutely love the inspiration and story behind it but there is something not quite right for me. Seems a bit disjointed. Kudos though.


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