Introducing The Kaurna Kit: an Attaquer X CyclingTips collaboration supporting Red Dust

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As cyclists, we are lucky enough to form lasting memories of, and a connection with, the land and country we ride through. The bike takes us to places we wouldn’t otherwise travel to; landscapes left unspoilt save for single-lane roads or gravel tracks. We’re acutely aware of every gradient change in the road, every breath of wind in our face, every degree in temperature change.

There aren’t many sports in the world that can provide the same freedom and connection to the environment as cycling.

The landscape and country of the Tour Down Under is a particularly special part of Australia. The sunburnt earth, rolling hills and dense Australian bushland make for some of the best riding anywhere in the world. But we certainly weren’t the first people to cherish this area and its surrounds.

Miyurna, yarta, ngadlu tampinthi. Kaurna translation: “We recognise the people and their land”.


In collaboration with Attaquer we have teamed up with Indigenous Australian artist, Allan Sumner, to create the Kaurna Kit, which recognises the Kaurna people and their land: the region of the Adelaide Plains.

Allan is a visual artist and graphic designer, also working in the health sector as an Aboriginal health professional, facilitator of cultural tours, and provider of various workshops in schools and community groups where he teaches Aboriginal arts and culture.

When developing the artwork that would form the basis of the Kaurna Kit, Allan drew inspiration from the Kaurna words, “Maityuwampidlu yarta-arra”, meaning “a bike ride through Country”, in particular the country of the Adelaide Plains from which his people, the Kaurna people, come.


But this collaboration isn’t just about paying homage to the landscape and creating a striking kit design. Our goal is to raise awareness of the problems facing Indigenous Australians, an issue that many modern Australians are distanced from in day-to-day life.

The average life expectancy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is approximately 10 years less than that of non-Indigenous Australians and long-term illness or disability occurs at far higher rates. For many of us, that’s a stat that’s hard to get our head around.

This cycle of poor health needs to be broken.

When you buy a set of this collaborative kit, 15% of your purchase is a direct donation to Red Dust, a fantastic charity focussed on health promotion and development in remote Indigenous communities. Through this kit we will be supporting Red Dust’s core programs so they can have a greater impact on the health of young Indigenous Australians into the future.

Red Dust connects with Indigenous youth by using channels such as sport, art, music and dance. The organisation aims to inspire young Indigenous Australians to live a healthy lifestyle through the influence of positive role models.

The work they do is highly important and we hope you will join us in supporting Red Dust and sharing their message.


We’ve only produced a limited amount of this collaboration kit, so please click through to see the full kit and help support Red Dust.

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