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July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017
July 21, 2017
  • Simon

    One for the ages. Great ride by Pat Lane too.

    • I’m incredibly happy for Pat too. He’s extremely talented and hard working and his career hasn’t exactly gone his way nor has he had a big break. Hopefully this lands him a spot in UniSA at the TDU next week.

  • jules

    conspiracy theory – i reckon he sandbagged the ITT and made himself an unmarked rider for the road race. what an effort though

    • Johan

      Sandbagged his whole last 10 months

    • Durian Rider

      Nah JB just lost his focus when RD blew past him in the TT. If you let your focus slip then your breathing becomes tense which constricts oxygen to your red blood cells which limits your power and you start to fade instantly.

      Its not possible to push your best watts and think negative at the same time.

  • Durian Rider

    I knew once JB cleaned up his diet he would go next level.

    Carbs all day every day!

    • Bob

      Someone get rid of this guy

    • Sean

      do you know what he changed? im not sure about carbs tho, most athletes are going low carb these days, im betting he’s done this.

      • Charityjmcdonald1

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      • Durianrider

        Maybe you are right and that is why only 15 carbed up riders finished yesterday. Fuck, I should have pinned in a number.

      • Durianrider

        Sean, can you explain how someone can hold 6.4 w/kg up the climb each lap whilst in KETOSIS from following a low carb diet??? LOL!

        What next? Riding BMX’s at the bay crits cos ‘u can corner faster!’. ???

    • 42x16ss

      Sorry, I’m going to go with Bobridge getting his Rheumatoid Arthritis under control. If Bobridge wasn’t eating carbs already he’s a fool.

    • Ben Briggs

      In your opinion DR how did he clean up his diet. I believe JB had Rheumatoid Arthritis a complicated condition but essentially and Auto Immune disease.

    • Nathman

      So ‘cleaned up his diet’ how exactly?

      • Stirrer

        Rode with a banana up his clacker all race. Explains his pain face.

        Durian Rider lives by this theory and never wastes a banana either..

    • jules

      out of interest, have you tried the Atkins diet?

      • Durian Rider

        Yeah I did it with a few mates when I was studying PT back in 1999. I didnt do a dump for a week and by day 2 I couldnt ride home up the climb. I gave it up that night and when Atkins died at 258lbs with rampant heart disease I knew it was just another fad diet making millions telling hubbards good things about their bad habits.

  • Cam Woolcock

    Brutal race with an elegant result. Here’s hoping that this result kick starts the careers of all the medalists.

  • Alex

    Huge effort and tenacious riding against what appear to be an underdone peloton – or perhaps Bobridge just made them look that way
    As a side note, I must say I am extremely disappointed with the quality of the TV coverage with the ad breaks far too long and frequent and as I’ve come to expect, a redundant, inaccurate and detached performance from Phil Ligget in commentary. Someone needs to tap this guy on the shoulder and tell him its time to move on, he adds nothing to the value of the race and doesn’t even seem to have a rudimentary understand the domestic riders / racing scene. He has given a lot to the sport but now is frankly damaging his reputation as “the voice of cycling”. His frequent with incorrect statements / misidentified riders (which were often rebuked / corrected by co – commentators, which is both embarrassing and unprofessional) are evidence of a man no longer capable of adequately performing his job

    • Parlee

      Absolutely awesome ride by Bobridge – one seriously strong tenacious bastard.
      I have to agree that the inordinate amount of (the same) ads was an absolute joke!

      • Brittney Baker

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  • Craig

    what a race, and loved the strength and resolve it took to take it out so hard again, particularly like the fact that he was able to hold off Drapac and Orica throwing everything at him, and though I understand the lay of the land has changed over the years I still don’t like `team orders` or even teams being able to effect races in a individual National Championship ( done even get me started on worlds ) – id be interested in some of CT`s elder statesman views on this too.
    watching the pain he put himself through on the last lap and even his humble post race interview gives me hope he will have a great year and show the bands proudly on podiums for Trek

  • jon

    Cyclingnews listed 15 finishers, and the rest DNF…that’s wild.

    • Correct!

      • Mark

        15 of 132 starters, seriously disappointing for a national champs, every year same %’s, time for a serious rethink.

        • jules

          if you read the CN article, Matt White accuses Dennis and Porte of going full gas up the climb for a few laps. who can blame the bulk of riders for not holding on? after that and with only a 10km circuit, what’s the point of killing yourself to not be lapped?

          • Mark

            Seriously Matt White OGE don’t win, spilt milk!

            • jules

              bitching aside, it explains everyone falling off the back

              • Mark

                Jules not the issue, 15 of 132 starters is the issue, go back and look at yearly results, seriously disappointing

                • Ron

                  Timing of the race is debatable too. Most other countries have them later on in the year.
                  If you are on peak form in early Jan….chances are the rest of your race year will be shot Eg. Haussler (and I’m a big fan of HH)

                  • Bex

                    if they’re not in jan, all the pro’s will be back in europe so won’t contest it, i think jan is a good time. there’s plenty of guys in form for tdu, herald sun tour, and early season races; also gives the nrs boys a better shot if the big guns are holding back for the tdf.

          • Neil

            Matt White “accuses”? Hilarious. Maybe if OGE hadn’t let the gap get so big, Dennis and Porte wouldn’t have needed to smash it up the climb so early.

          • Scott

            I was in the feedzone when Matt White told two orica riders (can’t remember who) “Jacky Bobby just went off the front solo. Sit up! Sit up!”

            • jules

              to be fair, even the TV commentators were saying “he can’t do this on his own” and assuming he’d be brought back. Bobridge average 39.3 km/h for the race, much of it solo and in blistering heat. who would have guessed it was possible? White probably made the right call, in foresight, if not hindsight.

              • Dave

                He has always been a better tactician for stage races than one day races.

        • Sean

          over the last 10 the fast guys have featured in the results, last year was a good example of this. I dont think fans want to see a procession followed by a bunch of 100 sprinting for the win and some whinger like mark renshaw or leigh howard winning.

          • VerticallyCompliant

            Agreed, the cream has risen on the course. Gerro for one has then had some great wins in the jersey throughout the year.

            And there’s fit; then there’s Porte smashing it up a climb in 34deg heat until he himself pops fit.
            If the NRS guys were not riding for a spot in the UniSA team next week i fear it could be even less finishers.

          • Cam W

            Can you list an example of Leigh Howard whinging? It would seem out of character.

        • Neil

          Completely agree. The course should change. The fact that Cadel never won a national title, or that top line sprinters like Renshaw never contest a finish reflects poorly on the race.

          • Sean

            Renshaw isn’t a top line sprinter, never has been never will be in the same league as robbie mcwen or cookie or Caleb etc.. Cast your mind back 12 months, 2 fast guys finished in 1st and 2nd. in 2013 two fast guys finished 2nd and 3rd. in 2012 a fast guy (he’s beaten sagen in a small group before) finished 1st. In 2011 a fast guy and a fastish guy finished 2nd and 3rd. The first two winners in Ballarat were sprinters. There is plenty of opportunity for any rider, if they’re fit.

            It probably is about time to move the race though.

            • Dave

              Go back a bit further and you’ll find that Robbie McEwen won the title there as well.

              There’s a particularly famous road just outside Mark Renshaw’s home town, perhaps the race should be held there?

              I agree that it shouldn’t be there every year, and should be rotated around the states a bit more. Perhaps for a bit more spice, how about draw the name of one of the ITT/RR races (not a crit, too open to corruption) out of a hat at the start of the week, and have hosting rights go to the state of that event’s winner.

              The staging of every other race on the calendar should be left to the promoters to bid for, but the national championships should be the one exception.

          • jules

            Cadel never won because he never had support and he is very strong. you can get away without support if you fly under the radar, but not if you’re a ride of his caliber.

            • Paolo

              Cadel also didn’t race it very often. Hard to win if you’re not there.

              • Dave

                And apart from the last couple of years, the few times that the old grumpy Cadel (Telekom and Lotto years) did grace the race with his presence he would make it very clear he was only doing the bare minimum to earn his appearance fee.

                It’s only been the last few years that having big team support has become a factor, and that factor is diminishing as Orica go to a more international roster with just nine Australian riders, not all of whom came. The second of the three titles won by Orica riders wasn’t a team victory though, Luke Durbridge went with the opening breakaway and then attacked to go solo for the last four laps.

        • 42x16ss

          Why? It’s a one day race. Once you’re out the back, what’s the point of staying in?

          Most national champs are like this, with roughly a third/quarter of the field finishing, as are the monuments (other than Milan-San Remo). Does this diminish them in any way?

          This is a great course, that rewards hard work in the early season. TTers (Durbridge), Classics Sprinters (Haussler) and Hilly Classics riders (Gerrans) have all won here recently. The only type of rider that can’t really win is a pure sprinter.

          • Dave

            Even in the latter part of Milan-San Remo you’ll see groups of dropped riders taking the easy way home along the ex-railway bike path that runs along the coast while the race winds up and down the adjacent hills.

            • 42x16ss

              That was back when Robbie was no slouch on the hills himself, and shows that a variety of riders can win. Nothing wrong with the Buninyong course.

  • Sam

    Congratulations to Jack – massive effort to solo his way to victory. On a side note, was there any reason that Treks major sponsor (Segafredo) wasn’t on the jersey?

    • Sean

      he only had the old kit.

      • Steve

        Nice photoshop on the Trek twitter…..

  • Tony

    Maybe im being a bit pedantic here but am I the only one whose eyebrows raised when I saw someone in the SASI car pour bottles of water over Bobridges head / back in the closing laps? I would love to know the exact rules on what assistance cars can provide riders, handing out a bottle is one thing but pouring water over someone whilst they ride uninterrupted seems tone a generous advantage / interference to the rider. Would love to hear if anyone had similar thoughts or has a better understanding of relevant racing rules

    • Spectator.

      I think SASI were supporting Bobridge as there was no Trek support at the race so all above board.

    • Dave

      These are all very experienced cyclists who clock up many hundreds of hours on the bike each year, I’m sure they would be more than capable of lifting up a bottle of water for a couple of seconds without it making a difference to their performance.

      Even if was advantageous, we’re talking about a difference measured in hundredths of seconds which is so small it would have been dwarfed by the psychological boost from the word of encouragement that inevitably accompanied it. The solution there is that the bottle of water should be allowed, but only if the guy in the car remains silent and doesn’t also cheer on the rider (that bit after the comma is sarcastic, by the way).

      The sport has many other much bigger issues to tackle at both national (CA struggling to remain solvent, let alone viable) and international (the feeble response to the collapse of the WorldTour) levels.

      • jules

        how far do you take it? should they go back to having to raid local shops for food?

        • Dave

          That would be too easy.

          Make them grow it themselves. Too many races are being won by guys with absolutely no agricultural skills.

          • Sean

            Makes sense, jack was obviously on homegrown broccoli yesterday.

            • Dave

              You would expect a rider from the Barossa Valley to do well under those rules.

          • Abdu

            You win the internet today. Funniest comment for a while my son.

    • nikcee

      As a Crow-eater, SASI were also looking after JB. IIRC SASI didn’t have any major riders in the men’s elite race.

  • Ritch

    Brilliant win for Bobridge, it was great to see someone get reward for being in the hurtbox for so long, poor tactics from OGE, but it must be time to look at a new course. It’s like an elimination race.

  • ceedee

    Always good to see OGE getting beaten.

  • Andy B

    Awesome ride by Jack! Had to admit I didn’t believe he would stay away it seemed way too early to go
    Well deserved though on what looked like an extremely tough day

    For me I had to endure an absurd number of hair removal, dragons blood and weight loss ads
    That was torture enough

  • In the results, why are some riders listed as ‘AUS’ when most have their state?

    • jules

      it might be as they have nominated their place of residence as being in Monaco or Girona etc., while holding Australian nationality.

      • Dave

        I suspect this is correct.

        If you look on the full results page, Jack Haig and Alex Edmonson are still shown as VIC and SA despite being signed to Orica for this year. We can presume they will only shift overseas once the Australian season is over.

        On a related note, I wonder if Michael Rogers still races on a Swiss licence?

        • jules

          I don’t think it has much to do with where they are physically located, more their accountant’s advice :)

          • Dave

            It could also be where they list as ‘home’ for anti-doping purposes.

            Rogers was widely suspected of switching to a Swiss licence because it was advantageous with the anti-doping regulations at the time.

  • Wish I was on the bike…

    Fwiw, my reading of the French National Road Champs shows 19 of 153 finished.

    The nature of these 1 day races lends itself to high attrition, regardless of terrain. No need to suffer further once job is done. In stage race you need to finish to start the next day. Not saying that a change of course is not due, just that need to use stats carefully.

    • Sean

      that’s 26% more finishes. I wonder if that would keep the unfit riders happy?

    • 42x16ss

      The monuments, with the exception of Milan-San Remo have similar dropout rates. Should we change them so that 90% of the field finishes every time?

      These guys aren’t weekend warriors looking to notch up a participation.

      • Dave

        More riders seem to be finishing the monuments these days, last year they ranged from 99 finishing at Il Lombardia (just less than half the field) through to 160 (San Remo). Even Roubaix had 133 finish and seven riders carrying on to finish OTL.

        But that’s to be expected, finishing a long point-to-point one day race is much more significant than doing a couple more laps of a 10km kermesse circuit. If it’s your first monument it could also end up being your last one, and you don’t want to run the risk of telling your grandchildren that you threw in the towel with 30km to go the one time you got selected to ride Liege.

        Finishing the ride is also how you get back to the team bus/hotel at the end of a point-to-point race, because there are only so many seats in the team car!

        Now that Orica has fewer Australian riders, every few years or so it might be good to have the road race events held on different roads (still near/around Ballarat if needed for commercial reasons) which could produce a more tactical race instead of an elimination.

    • Andy B

      I believe the NZ road champs only hard around 16 finishers over the weekend

      • Dave

        Being NZ, it has to be asked: was that more or less than the number who started?


        • shrimpy

          yeah, and those 16 guys are going to dominate the NRS AGAIN this year

  • philipmcvey

    Amazing ride. At least this is solace for all the souls crushed by Bobridge’s recent decimation of all known Strava KOMs in the Perth Metro area…


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July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017
July 21, 2017