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  • Shannon

    Hey Jack,

    I’m just curious, we’re seeing pro’s like yourself leave their training data on Strava with power. You’ve said in the past that you have no problem releasing this data, but what about your OGE managers? We saw that Dave Brailsford was very reluctant to hand over Froomey’s data without scrutinising it himself, any push back you’ve noticed for either yourself or other pros?

    • Tim Ashton

      I follow Kwiatowski on strava. On January 1 (pretty much to the day) all his power data disappeared. Previously it was all available but I’m assuming his new team was not keen on it being publicly available.

      • 42x16ss

        Sky’s data is available on Training Peaks as far as I know. The team seems to have an exclusivity deal with them.

        • Jack Haig

          I don’t think it public.

          Quite a few teams have deals with training peaks and use it as a way to keep track of the riders training. I upload all my training to TrainingPeaks and my Coach uses it to look at my training and give feed back to the team

      • Jack Haig

        Hi Tim,

        I actually follow Kwiatowski and noticed that same thing, It such a shame that its happened. It was always cool seeing his data.

        • Tim Ashton

          Hey Jack. Kwiatowskis data was cool to see, but a bit daunting knowing how much lower my power numbers are!
          I enjoy following your training so glad the power info is there. You obviously work bloody hard. Gives me a few new interval ideas too.

    • Jack Haig

      Hi Shannon,

      To be honest it has never been brought up and I’m not even sure if they would know i did it. I would hope that if or when someone realises that I’m putting all of it on strava that its not an issue. I would like to keep doing, i think it show how hard i work but also i love how people get bit of a kick out of seeing the data up there.

  • Jack – elaborate on the chase effort you guys from OGE were putting on behind Bobridge. Was it not coordinated enough? Not enough people taking sting enough times? Were you going flat out and you still couldn’t bring back much time on him? How could that happen!?

    • Jack Haig

      Wade, maybe some guys weren’t on there best day, but everyone put in as much as they could on the day. I’m not 100% sure of the lap times, but i have heard that Jack was doing constant 15min Lap time which is bloody fast and in the peloton we couldn’t go much faster. With such a small number of finishers, I think it shows we weren’t really mucking around trying to chase him down. I also think like i said above 9 times out of 10 on the circuit in that heat someone solo for that long would blow up and come back to peloton. Think about when Cam tryed to do a similar thing a couple years ago he attacked with around 50km to go i think?? and he blew. Jack Attacked pretty much 60km into the race and was solo for around 120km, Just an amazing ride. i guess we just under estimated him, he did lose close to 4:30min in the
      ITT a couple days before and has bit of a track record of going to hard and blowing up.

  • RM

    Hey Jack – love following you on IG and Strava.
    Easy Q – the friends you make in Girona, are they from different teams? Do you find the level of support, equipment, living arrangements etc differs alot among other neo-pros at other teams?
    Also, approximately how much do you guys spend on coffee each week during training? :)

    • Jack Haig

      Some of them are GreenEdge riders, but some of them where riders that i raced during U23 races that have turned Pro and where moving to Girona at the same time as me.

      I guess GreenEdge has a tiny service course in Girona, which has some parts, ergos and a bunch of other useful things. Also quite a few of the staff live there which makes it easy to get into contact with them. Some of the other teams wouldn’t have anything there, but other teams like Garmin/Cannondale have their full service course there with everything. A lot of the equipment is quite similar, at this level most teams seem to quite organised with getting bikes and stuff out to riders.

      hahaha, well a coffee can range from 1.20 euro-2.50 and normally if its a long ride and we might stop during the middle and get something to eat 2-5 euro. But probably a lot once you add it all up, hahaha

      • RM

        In unrelated news, coffee shops are going gangbusters in Girona! I’m off to start selling beans there and live the high life.

        • Jack Haig

          haha check out La fabrica on instagram, it owned and run by Christian Meier and his wife. Probably where i spend most of my money……

  • mt

    Thanks for sharing your experiences so far and congrats on your place on the OGE team. Never ceases to amaze me- in an absolutely wonderful way- how local Club racing is still ascribed to when you pro’s get the chance. Also appreciate when you go along with a bit of a stir and giggle ( think Hawthorn Crits and one particular A grade racer doing a stunning act of a dummy spit pre race when you ( and a couple of others) turned up – thanks for playing the pro part!!) ;-)
    Good luck and good racing to you.

    • Dave

      It’s the same reason that the English Cricket Board send their county and international level players to come and play club cricket in Australia during their winter – you can’t practice “match/race awareness” in the nets or a training ride.

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  • Nick1

    Hi Jack,
    I raced with you the last giro of Valle d’Aosta and I have to say I was impressed on how strong you were.I was at a good level but you guys (australian team) were really strong! I’m sure you’ll get good results…you just have to wait a bit, good luck!


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