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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017
  • Simon

    Nicely proportioned bike and painted. Good to know the history too, thanks.
    “There’s no point in mourning the demise of the quill stem or threaded headsets because an oversized headtube and threadless forks improves the sturdiness of the front end of the bike.” Fortunately some of us have kept our quill stems and still enjoy them for their aesthetic quality and adjustability. However as I age I am not the rider I perhaps was so this “sturdiness” is moot now.-:) Still I like the easier setup of a modern aheadset stem too particularly for travel.
    I also had a 8 speed Chorus equipped ELOS bike 25 years back and it was a beauty. Oil can thin tubing and like yours suffered dents. Would I buy Spirit? No too thin for mine but I know of some who have raced/trained 50K plus kms without drama. A mix of Zona and Life satisfies me.

  • Micky D

    Very nice bike. I have seen a few pics of these on-line and this make a refreshing change from the usual reviews.

    A question for Matt – what is the finishing tape on the bar tape?

  • Phil Gordon

    Great review and bike. I`m still riding my 1990 steel Merckx and still love it,steel has come far way since my bike was made.
    I see a few manufactures offering steel steps these days,why not I say.

  • Sean Doyle

    As a developing frame builder myself, Jaegher is a company that has it close to perfect in my eyes. The clean look, classic shape and thoroughly modern rendition of traditional steel frame is right at the top of the list of desires.

  • fignon’s barber

    Very good balanced review. I’ve got the Interceptor on my short list. Current stable consists of 2015 Canyon Ult CF SLX for racing, and a Cyfac Prox alum and Merckx MXL for when I train solo. Fitted with traditional wheels, the Merckx is close to 8 pounds heavier than the Canyon. Starting from a standstill, the feeling is obvious. But once up to race speed, I struggle to see a huge speed difference when I analyze the garmin data. If anything, it’s the aero wheels that improve the high end speed. I would love to test a Jaegher over an extended period (say, 4 week period with 3 races/3 training rides a week) and see how it fairs vs.carbon. Looks wise, hands down I would choose the Jaegher.

  • Craig Taylor

    As the proud owner of Gellie (Melbourne Made) steel bike I have been thoroughly impressed by the ride of a steel bike over the last 6 months. Weight of the Life Tubing is not a factor (7.8kg) and i could lose more with a better wheelset. I have been racing and climbing on the bike with no regrets and lots of joy. Especially impressed by the bikes handling on descents and at high speed in races and training.

    It’s the geometry of the frame that will lead to responsiveness and stiffness under load, not so much the exact material. You can make any bike stiff with the right geometry. The ride feel of steel is where things are different with each material having its own pros and cons in this regard.

    • Sean parker

      I was recently perusing Gellie’s website. He looks like the real deal.

  • 900Aero

    Nice frame, Chorus & Bora’s are the killer combo too.
    Thanks for the review and phots.

  • Sean parker

    It’s a beautiful looking frame, there is no doubt about it, and the restrained classic aesthetic is outstanding.

    but I have severe reservations about that jarring looking nameplate on the top tube: particularly with the trite and asinine comments

    ‘Pain is weakness leaving the body’???? These comments are more suitable for a 1990’s gym wall poster…

    • Bradley Tompkins

      I agree…the key for me is that those are configurable, so I assume you can leave them off.

  • Notso Swift

    We need to see more steel!
    Something doesn’t quite add up though, I run a Cyfac XCR which is Columbus and the tubes are 0.4 and 0.45, my very similar spec bike (old Reynolds 46mm tubs, 3T and Chorus 11 before the update cranks) weighs 7.5 including pedals and cages (ie ready to ride) for a 60cm classic design, so that seams heavier than it should be for a much smaller bike

  • Brent Mather

    Timely review! I’m currently waiting delivery on a Jaegher Interceptor Super Stiff frame set. And selling my Cannondale EVO Supersix to finance the build! I love the Jaegher story, the bike and company has soul and after reading your review, I don’t believe there is a sacrifice in performance. I expect to ride this bike for 20-years.

  • Anon

    what number would you give the `BO35s compared to the older version?

  • Sascha

    Love the SSM Regal saddle, this is beautiful mix of modern and classic…one of the best seats made imo…


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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017