• jules

    bit of a sad indictment when the patient diagnoses their own condition!

    • Lorettaejarvis2

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  • jon

    I met her once in Austin, TX. That’s the year the city postponed the National race till Monday, She is a class act, world class athlete. Best of luck to her!

  • david__g

    Sounds like I had the same thing as Katie last year – at least the description is very similar, as is the treatment. Believe me, having surgery on things in the saddle sore type area that they then leave open (with the accompanying wick to allow drainage) that make it almost impossible to sit down for months is no laughing matter. That she has managed to come back to a podium in a WC is amazing. I was off the bike for almost 9 months between two surgeries and the recovery time and it was seriously awful. I can’t imagine what it’d be like if it was your career and livelihood.

  • gabsagabs

    A huge thank you to Katie Compton for sharing her story, amazing stuff. It’s puzzling how common, yet totally overlooked this condition is. Really, this story should be shouted from rooftops, that’s how important it is and quite moving how she figured this all out by herself. Like many of us. Just watched a short interview with her on BTB TV Cross Talk, she was very open about her issues, leg cramps and all. Wishing her all the best, a true champion she is.

  • Laura Webb

    Not business as usual at all, cheers to KFC for winning her 12th national title this year! Great article, thank you for putting it out there.

  • Nate

    Wow. I Hope you really don’t think your the only one with Problems and the “had to deal with all of this shit.” that’s pretty Egocentric if it’s true.


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