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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
  • jon

    UCSC? “Hella welcome”!!

  • ed

    yes but do you have luft?

  • lerubi1

    CyclingTips has been a road only site, will this change moving forward? Are we going to see MTB articles now? Which I would love by the way!

    • Neal Rogers

      I’d love it, too! I think the short answer is: We’ll be presenting great stories from CX and MTB, but not comprehensively covering those disciplines with race results, photo galleries, etc.

  • Welcome to Australia!

    • Wish I was on the bike…

      Great comment Simplicity. This is an opportunity to show that Cyclingtips is bigger than any single contributor. Certainly the appeal to me of the CT ‘brand’ is the value it places on content – thoughtful and researched and relevant content – above personality or an individual. I think it says something of the AUS character compared to the reputation of some Americans as brash and more focussed on image or external validation than quality.
      After a year which saw CT Ella soar and many of the best articles written for CT and Ella being authored by female writers,this is definitely an opportunity to test/check any prejudices and let the proof be served in a delicious, sometimes fruity and sweet pudding. That said, I would hope most writers in any field could live up to the challenge of writing an introductory piece with fewer than 70% of each sentences starting with ‘I”.
      Some of us will be cautious about change – I’m one. I hope that in Jan 2017, I’ll be reflecting on another enjoyable year of content.

    • Dave

      Let me add my welcome too.

      Now Neal, repeat after me…


      • Neal Rogers

        Ha! Thanks Dave. Just off a call with the CT edit staff that discussed this very topic. (Spelling, that is, not animals.) The first thing I did after the call was convert mileage to kilometers in today’s Strava Insights article.

        I’ve only been to Australia once, in 2009, for the Herald Sun Tour (won by Wiggins ahead of Sutton.) It was a fantastic trip. Hope to return, and tempt fate with your deadly animals, some time soon.

        • Dave

          Come in spring. Least dangerous time of the year for cyclists.

          • De Mac

            Yep, hardly a Magpie assassin around in Spring……..say what???

            • Dave

              Wait til he hears our national anthem.

              Oh say can you see / the drop bear in that tree …

  • Anonymous

    You, being here, is a mistake. And this is coming from an American.

    Just clipping in, huh? I wish you a wonderful trip over the bars after you hit some of the pot holes you’ll, without doubt, leave over here.

    Best regards.

  • winkybiker

    Don’t presume to know me. I feel your objectives of increasing readership and brand exposure to be only indirectly relevant to me. I’d prefer that your primary objective was to at least maintain, and hopefully improve, the quality of the (mostly excellent) material presented on the site. Who else reads the site and the “exposure” of the brand are of no direct interest to me. I do understand the commercial realities, but those things are only a means to an end, which is for it to be a site that we enjoy reading. (BTW I find your introduction to be somewhat self-serving and not really consistent with my current view of the CT brand, so from my perspective, you’re not off to a good start.)

    • jules

      tough audience!

      • Was about to write exactly that.

        • winkybiker

          Fair enough. I don’t really know this guy, but I can’t imagine Wade writing something like that. I’m actually a little concerned for the future of CT.

          • Dave

            Of course not, Wade’s from that other bit just above the USA on the map and therefore has a much better idea of what manners are all aboot :-)

            • It’s aboot the last remaining Canadiansim left in my accent!

          • I wanted Neal to write something about himself for you to get to know him a little bit. I’ve gotten to know Neal quite well and he’s not doing anything to serve his ego here. I’m confident that Neal’s contribution will raise the standard of CyclingTips and what you come here for.

            • If you want to get a good idea of the kind of guy Neal is just watch the stuff he’s done with GCN

            • winkybiker

              Great. I look forward to it.

      • To be expected i suppose.

  • jules

    welcome Neal. the US is often overlooked in Euro-centric cycling culture. I look forward to reading more from your perspective. I apologise in advance for the stream of comments on their way from me :)

  • VO2min

    “I know this because, I, too, am a CyclingTips reader.”

    “As the former Editor in Chief at VeloNews”

    What the…?

    Commas, Neil. Commas. :-D

    • Cameron Harris

      If you’re going to have a shot at him for grammar, then you’d better make sure that your post is perfect.

      It’s Neal, not Neil.


      • Sean

        merphyies lore isn’t it. Poor bugger, I feel sorry for @VO2min:disqus

  • Sean

    I’ll be happy as long as you don’t insist on writing about your last bonk or when you last did a pull or pulled through or pulled off. We also aren’t interested in what rider you’re r00ting for.

    • Neal Rogers

      You don’t need to worry, you won’t see me writing about any of that!

    • Timiji

      Rooting means something else entirely, I’m led to understand, in Australia.

  • Peter

    Welcome Neal. Looking forward to some great US-based content. If you could link up with The Radavist somehow, that would be awesome!

    BTW are you still with GCN as well?

    • Neal Rogers

      Thanks much, Peter. I’ll still be contributing to GCN periodically, from U.S. events, but CyclingTips will be a full-time position and my primary focus.

    • david__g

      god no, linking with that ridiculous vanity project would be awful.

      • DangerDirte


      • Spider

        agreed x 2. Seems like a dangerous mix of sponsored and recycled content whilst CT contribute content.

  • erkcyclisme

    Good luck Neal.

  • Nitro

    Good to see you on board Neal.

    Several tough comments below, but I’m an (eternal) optimist and continue to believe that CT can & will evolve, grow, improve and be my one-stop-shop for all things bike news, opinion, facts and amusement…

    The site’s changed a lot since I first started reading – and riding – in 2011, and I for one appreciate that change can be a good thing. Sometimes an awesome thing.

    Cant wait to see what the (Global) team has in store for 2016…

    • Neal Rogers

      Appreciate that, a lot. Change can be scary to some, but as you said, it can also be a good thing. I’m not too concerned with tough comments, because I have no doubt I’ll prove them wrong. I’d just ask that the same folks who have grown to love the brand Wade has built would also trust in his vision, and put some faith in the people he’s chosen to carry out that vision.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Everyone working with us, including Neal, is here because they believe in raising the bar with cycling content and journalism, and now lowering it. I trust the business model that we’re building supports that vision. Unfortunately the internet is turning the incentives upside down, and we’re taking a much longer view.

        • Arfy

          That’s the best typo ever. Not now!
          Love the sentiment though, the tough comments really demonstrate the dedication that you’ve personally put into the integrity of CT.

  • De Mac

    Welcome to the fold Neal. As you can readily see, many of the CT readers are EXTREMELY passionate about what is written on this site and I sincerely hope that you can contribute to the continuing high standard that we’ve been able to enjoy thus far. I’m sure you’ll be told if you waver slightly, too!

    • jules

      you can’t please everyone, either.

    • Neal Rogers

      Thanks! Appreciate it.

  • Welcome Neal! This is going to be an exciting year for CT and I look forward to the expanded coverage. CT is THE cycling website for me and it’s going to be great to have a US perspective.

    I’m a Brit based in the US with family also in Australia (all CT readers), so empathize with the challenges of our common language! Dates are another danger area ;) Anyway, best of luck! PS – Washington D.C. has a vibrant bike scene and some fantastic roads not far from the city.

    • Neal Rogers

      Thanks Ben! Appreciate it. (BTW, I spent 3 years living in Fairfax, VA, from 6th to 8th grade.)

  • Tim Ashton

    Will all of your content appear to the current cycling tips site? (as in .com.au) or will there be a new website with just the US content appearing on it?

    • We’re currently changing everything over to .com (I wish we could preserve the .com.au but it gets difficult). We’ll also geo-target content that gets too Australian or US centric for those respective markets (readers will have the option to choose what they want to see however). We’ve always been about good and interesting storytelling, so I imagine that most of what we publish will be interesting to anyone (which is why we have so many global readers now). There will surely be teething pains, but we’ll get there.

      • Tim Ashton

        Sounds good, thanks.
        I agree that most content from both markets will be of interest to me. Neal mentioned having things like Alex Howes writing some articles, even though it is US based, it is still something I want to read.

        Exciting progress and times ahead. I look forward to seeing how it all develops.

      • Cameron Harris

        Is there a hidden message in the current content on http://www.cyclingtips.com ?

        Are you calling me fat? That’s not fat – that’s future power!

      • Arfy

        Would be nice to have something simple like the country flags next to the “HOME” menu item so we can quickly and easily see other content from around the world. I’d also like to be able to set one as my default computer setting even when overseas.

  • Dave Clark

    Raymond Carver, you say? And you mention that on a really great cycling site…well, you’re okay with me then!

  • Mike Hone

    Nice, welcome Neal :)

  • takethattakethat

    Would be great if you reached out to Canada…. Cycling is huge and growing in Toronto & Vancouver

  • Gus Gollings

    G’day, Neal. Congrats on your ripper new job. If you do head down under again, if anyone asks, remember that your name is ‘Nizzo’ and you barrack for Collingwood. You’ll do alright.

    > “so please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know what sort of content you’re most interested in”

    I’d love to see you hook-up race analysis from CXHairs and Cyclocosm.


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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017