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November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017
November 22, 2017
November 21, 2017
November 20, 2017
  • herman

    Little comment on translation from De Standaard. Her father says: “But if the intention was to cheat, then you would ride that bike, wouldn’t you?” (I am a native dutch speaker btw)

    • mv1in20

      If you wanted to cheat you would have that bike in the pits. Ride the legit bike in the first lap, swap onto the motor bike, then swap back to the legit bike in last lap. This allegation may explain the erratic performances she has had this season, although she did no show at a few races this season due to ‘illness’.

      • Dave

        Judging by the description of how the bike was caught, it sounds like the UCI was acting on the basis of a reliable tip regarding what was going on. Maybe someone in the team had a conscience?

        • Jack_J

          From the Sporza article it appears they were caught because it was pretty obvious something was not normal with the bike. So could have been directly witnessed by the UCI staff or tipped via spectator or opposition team.

          The positive (their pun not mine) is that they appear to use the crude technology that’s been out there for five years or more and it’s been so bloody noisy that someones picked up on it. That’s some reassurance that it’s not been used in pro road racing right now.

      • Cecile Desair

        I agree, they say you can get abut 150 watts out of a motor like that. It can make a difference when you choose the right time to use it. Not thru the whole race

    • Shane Stokes

      Thanks Herman, much appreciated!

  • Robert Merkel

    If her Dad’s defence turns out to be valid, that will have consequences as well. Security guards and cameras in the pits, and in team cars and service courses for road racing…

    • My_Oath

      Also huge consequences for the team – allowing a piece of banned equipment in their pits. If the father knew she was training with a moto rider then surely others on the team knew – especially as that person had access.

      But I don’t believe his story.

      • Robert Merkel

        I don’t either. For one…what’s the point of having a motorised CX bike? Road I can believe, maybe even MTB, but CX?

        • Matt DeMaere

          Also, assume their innocence and consider the scenario where this mistake occurs and you end up looking like you’ve been cheating.

          Would a team at WC level allow a bike (I’ll assume the same as what the team is actually racing) to get stealth motorised even for fun? What is the risk someone accidentally brings it to the pits, or the commissaires discover it even in the team van and assume the worst? With only half a brain shared between the management, I cannot see this happening. Not if, as someone said above, her brother has already been caught for EPO use.

          • Dave

            Good point.

            If some rider was doing motor paced training with another rider on an electric assisted bike instead of a conventional scooter/motorbike, it would make sense to use one with a big external battery pack (i.e. enough for lots of motor pacing, not just a bit) instead of a stealth e-bike designed to give a small boost at a critical point in the race.

      • Dave

        Hopefully for the sake of the team, it was someone else on the team who tipped off the UCI about performing an inspection. That could well be the only thing standing between the team and a ban.

    • Dave

      You would have to be naive to think that the stand-up teams don’t already take some measures in that direction.

  • Puto


  • Cameron Harris

    If we give the benefit of the doubt to Van den Driessche, and it’s accepted that it’s a training partner’s bike, then having that bike in the pits and anywhere near a rider at a world championship race is a right royal, ocean going, fur lined cock up. Didn’t someone think about that? Really?

    • Dave

      It would be interesting to find out if the bike has her name stickers on the top tube.

      That would be as good as a smoking gun if ever there was one.

      • Cameron Harris

        Add to the stickers: Was it sponsor correct (frame / groupset / wheels / tyres)? Was it adjusted for saddle height / pedal system / etc for her?

        • Dave

          Many riders at all levels race on bikes which are not sponsor correct, and there isn’t really such a concept when racing for the national team anyway.

          • Cameron Harris

            Oh rly? I didn’t know that.

        • nikcee

          apparently its was still as if she hadn’t sold it. stickers, parts etc right the way down to fit/cockpit setup. i havent seen the offending shots yet (they were deleted) but it was all over twitter from ppl who saw them beforehand.

  • Frank

    That excuse is up there with My dog ate my homework

    • Bob Dobbins

      It was Timmy’s weed.

    • Ian Sorby

      My brother stole my EPO.

  • Vanilla_Thrilla

    I think the bike might’ve been left there by a spanish butcher. Or perhaps her vanishing twin

    • Dave

      Only after a long night on the town, of course.

    • Jake Hollibone

      I think it was her south African pharmist

  • Dave

    I wonder if the suspension of the Belgian national team will apply to both men and women, and in all formats of racing or just cyclocross?

    If it’s just cyclecross, it needs to be forward-dated to cover next season – finishing the day after the world championships – otherwise it’s a slap on the wrist with a wet lettuce leaf.

  • Hakan Fondo

    When I first read, I thought that cables were electrical shifting but article says clearly motor on it. Is it clearly a cheat or we crucify by mistake?

  • Tim Voth

    Cyclocross is like watching paint dry,give them all motors, make it watchable.

  • meh

    Seriously, “motorized doping”?! Referring to it as “motorized doping” is absolutely retarded.

    • jules

      it’s Belgian engineering for your bike

    • Dave

      Too true.

      No surprise then, that the term is preferred by Brian Cookson, the hilarious President of the UCI.

    • Exactly! Come on with the stupid titles, soooo dumb.

  • Daniel

    Well f*ck me dead. So mechanical doping is a real thing!

  • Anything thinking the dad may be putting pressure, and wanting _really_ badly for the kids to succeed? His son serving a ban for EPO and daughter (possibly) caught for mechanical doping…

  • Zogzog

    Maybe they will claim the wires are from an incorrectly installed EPS electronic shift system. The newbie mechanic mistakenly routed the wires through the seat tube . I’m sick of all these lame excuses.

    • Sean Doyle

      She rides on Shimano.

    • Gern Blanston

      Shimano’s Di2 battery is now installed in the seat post and a wire does come up from the seat tube.

  • muhua33

    Where do you draw line between motorized supplementation and motorized doping? (yes that is sarcasm, just call it cheating instead motorized doping)

  • BB

    suspension should be a life time.

    • Sean

      More than traditional doping? I’m not sure about that.

      • BB

        everyone has a story, but no one seems to have strength to own up to doing wrong.

      • Dave

        Of course. Just because doping penalties are weak doesn’t mean the same standard needs to be applied to other areas.

        Unlike traditional doping where it can be justified on a number of flawed grounds but at least still requires the rider pedal the bike, riding a moto in a bike race very clearly crosses the line.

        The sport doesn’t need her so it’s time for her to disappear and get a real job instead. The only thing she can do now to possibly make anything better is to stand up and take responsibility instead of hiding behind her idiot dad. It shouldn’t make any difference to her being quite rightfully kicked out of the sport, but should help a little when a future employer types her name into Google.

  • Laurie12345

    Women’s professional endurance sport is the least believable of them all on many levels.

    • velocite

      Levels? Care to expand?

    • Nath

      Why so? What makes women’s endurance sport less believable than men’s?

      • Laurie12345

        Apologies for being obtuse but I have it on good advice from a sport’s injury consultant that–how do I put this delicately–‘women’s issues’ are involved.

  • Cecile Desair

    Again, there is no proof she rode the bike that day. The bike was in her pit, it was not ridden by her that day. I am Flemish and understood exactyly what has been said by her and others. The fam has a pretty shaky background but still let us first find proof of her on that bike, before we find her guilty.

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      No need. UCI regulations express strict liability, bounded by the presence of the bike on the pit area. So that’s enough – precisely because you can always say (especially in CX) – “but I wasn’t riding that one at exactly that time” with pretty much identical equipment.

  • Mr. Iki Hoover

    So no one responds to Mr. Iki’s notes on Lance the cheater.

  • pismopal

    When I was in police work, contraband and firearms in a vehicle were never the possession of the occupants, maybe this info will help.


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November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017
November 22, 2017
November 21, 2017
November 20, 2017