New year’s resolutions and how to stick to them

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Some people believe in setting new year’s resolution, others think it isn’t a very good idea because after just a few weeks things often go back to the same old pattern.

I believe that it’s never too late so set new goals and if done right, I do believe new year’s resolutions can work.

The trick is to set a goal that is realistic and attainable. Trying to change too many things at once makes  or setting a huge goal will only set you up for failure.

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Here are a few common resolution ideas and how to stick to them:

– Exercise more/ getting more fit:

This is a great idea! But how do you get there? Find a friend or even better a bunch of friends! Stick to a day and time every week to head out together for a bike ride, run, hike or whatever your chosen activity is. This is a lot more motivating and fun than exercising alone. Also, meeting others makes you accountable to them and in turn, your resolution.  Organised classes are another way to stick to a regular schedule.

It’s very important to choose an activity (or activities) that you enjoy, that you can do regularly and that will make you happy.

– Eating healthier/ lose some weight:

Not very easy to change- changing your diet completely might be too much and won’t last very long. Ask someone for advice if you need help. Change the majority of your meals to a healthier version but allow yourself to have dessert and/ or junk food once a week. Balance is key!

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– Participate in an event:

Having a goal on the horizon is a great motivator. Sign up for a MTB-race, a Gran Fondo, a 10k run, a mountain climb or anything else that challenges you.  Make sure it is a realistic goal that you can achieve within your schedule.

-Don’t let bad weather stop you:

Weather is a great excuse to keep you from exercising. If the rain and cold is keeping you from riding, running or hiking, the first option is to invest in  some better gear to keep you warm and dry.  The other option is to have a plan B ready. If conditions for a training session outside are too bad, have an indoor activity lined up. Go for a swim, work out in the Gym, join a yoga class, do a spinning class, etc. there are so many options and no excuses to not exercise.

-Commute to work:

Most of us waste entirely too much time and money being stuck in traffic. If it’s safe, bike commuting or walking to work is a great way to make exercise part of your daily life.  It doesn’t need to be every day but maybe ride or walk  to work twice a week? You can save on gas or money for train/bus tickets, you are working out on the way to/ from work and it is a good way to get ready for work or calm down after a tough day at work.

-Work with a coach:

A good coach will motivate you, give you a structured plan and workouts, will help you to improve and become a better athlete. For many people it is also motivating that someone is watching over your activities and will give you guidance and tips to reach your goal(s).

Here is to a Happy, Healthy New Year!


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