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August 24, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017
  • ceedee

    The trophy looks cheap as.

    • Andy B

      When you spend the whole day digging for gold they let you take him the pan

  • Galinho Salonica

    I don’t know why, but Cameron Meyer rode without a Bike Computer, or lost it during the race. Any ideas/knowledge about what happened?

    • Sean

      Old school

    • a different ben

      they put a heads-up display in those massive sunnies instead

  • Nitro

    Spot the difference with the headline photo at http://www.treksegafredo.com

    Bet someone’s in trouble for not shipping him the new kit…

    • Scott

      Cycling News published the photo…shame to them

    • VerticallyCompliant

      Hopefully they have the photoshop mystro in charge of mocking up an Aus Champ version. But if they can’t get him the team kit for this, what chance do they have of coming up with an Aus champ version in time.

      Or maybe he can dig up his old one.

      • Brittney Baker

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  • Dave

    The Dimension Data kit that Meyer wore is a bit anonymous after having a very good kit as MTN-Chewbacca.

    I hope it’s a temporary one with the permanent one to be launched next weekend, like Greenedge did in 2012 with the crits and nationals ahead of their season launch.

    • Sean

      I do miss the collingwood stripes.

    • FT27

      Agreed, it is so dry.

      • Dave

        There’s something to be said for having a unique kit. Those who hate it will at least remember it, and that’s a good thing for cycling where the return on advertising is much less dependent on team affiliation than in many other sports. At the other extreme is NASCAR, where supporting your team is enough to make blokes wear team shirts/caps with Viagra branding!

        I miss the 2012-13 Orica kit, at least it is still used by the Jayco-AIS track team.

        • FT27

          I’m from SA and think as an African team they should try and stand out. Not only since they’ve recently moved up to UCI level but also for the Qhubeka initiative. A unique kit is also remembered as you mentioned and will likely get more fans wearing it. Sponsors make the calls I guess :(

          • Dave

            I would be astonished if the sponsor had approved that as anything other than a temporary kit for the pre-season races with the launch of the permanent one later this week at the TDU team presentation.

            If it has been approved, the CEO needs to publicly fire whoever approved it and take a little more interest in his company’s marketing deals. There’s no point sponsoring a sporting team if your brand is not able to be spotted amongst all the rest, a second-tier soccer team would be a better investment.

            • FT27

              I certainly hope that is the case. Such an exciting line-up.

    • Kane

      I also think it’s their weakest kit to date. Now they are a world tour team I hope they unleash something special. They had the best bike’s of the tour last year and the kit wasn’t too bad either.

  • Serious question, why did so many riders abandon the race? Just because of the heat?

    • Dave

      At the start/finish line on each lap of a kermesse, riders so far behind that they are at risk of getting lapped by the leaders get disqualified. At Buninyong, the bloke with the red flag comes out when the split gets up to about 8-9 minutes out of a ~15 minute lap time.

      Riders who have been dropped also abandon without being disqualified once they realise there’s no hope of doing anything more useful by continuing to ride – whether that’s dragging themselves back into contention, helping a teammate or at least showing their sporting director they aren’t a quitter. It’s not like a stage race where you need to finish in order to take the start on the following stage, and it’s also a 10km kermesse circuit rather than a prestigious point-to-point one day course where every finisher can say with pride that they made it to the finish at San Remo, Roubaix, Liege or wherever.

      The number finishing won’t be much different on a 15 degree day either.

  • matteghello

    Why in the picture reported by italian newspaper Gazzetta (http://www.gazzetta.it/Ciclismo/10-01-2016/trek-segafredo-campionato-nazionale-australiano-vince-bobridge-140216690242.shtml#) also the logo of new sponsor, Segafredo, appears? Photoshop? XD

    • After the race the team got in touch with a bunch of media outlets asking that the photoshopped version be used. We’re not sure of the details but Bobridge didn’t have the 2016 kit (with Segafredo on it)

  • jon

    Looks like Team Dimension Data gave up on Rotor’s hydraulic grouppo.

  • caliente

    Did Michael Matthews not get the selection from Orica to start?

    • I believe he stayed in Europe this winter and didn’t come back to Aus.

      • caliente



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August 24, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017