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  • Jessy Vee

    I love you, Verita! Thank you for this wonderfully concise and thought out article. I’m hardly one of the best and definitely not very well known, but I always cringe whenever I see one of my photos somewhere it shouldn’t be, pixelated and badly cropped. Most times, I really appreciate the exposure but I would have loved to provide a higher resolution shot or something without a cropped out watermark given the chance. :(

    • lowercasev

      Thanks Jessy, glad you can relate :-)

  • Kevin Anderson

    Lovely to see this article and some recognition for what we as a group do. Often it can be a difficult, hot, lonely and, if on the back of a moto – dangerous work, at times. We all do it for a love of the sport and wanting to help it grow and develop in Australia.

    Verita’s points are all well made and thanks to Kimberley Wells for suggesting the article idea backstage at the TDU Women’s prsentations!

    • lowercasev

      No worries Kevin. I regularly do a call out for column ideas, so if you have a suggestion, throw them my way. There is never a bad time, not even on the start line of a bike race! Thanks to Kirsty Baxter too for the brainstorming, we had fun idea bouncing!

      • Kevin Anderson

        Kirsty’s always good for that!

        Must say it was a pleasure to be the official photographer for the Santos Women’s Tour. The difference in helpfulness, communication, smiles and thanks was like night and day compared to most men’s races!

  • Rod Upton

    Very well written Verita…my wife (Jo Upton) has got plenty of you and you’ve always bought pics and given credit!

    • lowercasev

      hehe Jo always took the best pick of me back in the day – when I was head to toe in pink!

    • lowercasev

      hehe Jo always took the best pick of me back in the day – when I was head to toe in pink!

  • Jon Baines

    Great little article. Having made the step into the Cycling Photography world last year its easily one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things you can do. Wouldn’t change it for the world though, so nice to get back to a hotel or home after a days work, edit then put your work up online for all to see.

  • charlie

    I think this article is a bit too esoteric. Most of us don’t have a photographer, let alone photographers at our races.

    • N

      I love seeing people taking photos at club events and sometimes they’re brilliant photographers (I loved having Jo Upton at the crits, Combine and Open races).

      Sometimes, though, you have no idea who was taking photos and can’t find the photos or the name of the photographer. ? There’s always at least one photographer at the Hawthorn crits, but I never know who they are or where to look for the photos.

  • Warwick James

    A lovely reminder about the work that photographers do. So many people contribute to run and support bike races, but only the cyclists get the accolades. While we’re at it, let’s not forget the moto pilots who are also out there in all weather’s, carrying their photographers, waiting for them to get their roadside shots, providing expensive motorcycles and getting no pay for their efforts except a few bucks for petrol and a fight with organizers for a minimal hire fee for their machine. But we do it because we love it too and we take our responsibility for the safety of our passengers seriously. Ride safe. :)

  • Craig Huffman

    Thank you Verita! I am one of the race photographers shooting here in Northern California. Most of us shoot bike races for the love of the sport and a passion for photography. Everything in your article is spot on. We put in very long days and are not guaranteed a single dollar for our time in most cases. Respecting our talent and craft by following your simple guidelines goes a long way.


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