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  • warnschild

    Thalita de Jong being only 22 of age: Was she free to chose weather to ride the U23- or Elite race?

    • nikcee

      as with road you can age up, but once you race with the elites you cant go back down. the prestige of the elites womens (and competition) is still higher than the u23 (which contained no bigger euro names)

      • Dave

        Also as with the other disciplines, a championship won at U23 or junior level does not entitle the rider to wear the jersey (or cuffs in following years) in elite level races.

        That’s not a bad thing, as every second rider in Australia would be cruising around with rainbow cuffs from winning some junior-level event.

        I would, however, support a U23 world champion moving up to elite level at the start of the new season due to their age being allowed the privilege of wearing the rainbow jersey just once, ideally in their national championship event, their first race in the World Cup or WorldTour (depending on the discipline) or their first major race on home soil.

    • adamsmw

      Thalita was to old to race the 2016 U23 World Championships. CX race age is the riders age on 12/31 of the Championship year. Her birthday is Nov 6th, 1993, which makes her age 23 at the end of the current 2016 championship year. Thus making her her ineligible (too old) for the 2016 U23 World CX title. Looks like she was ready for the big time in any case!

      • warnschild

        Ah, yes! Thanks for reminding me; I had read about that rule, but not thought about it being in place ever after.


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