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  • choppy

    blah, blah, blah………….time to take your medicine (yes, take medicine again)

  • Durian Rider

    Winstrol aka stanozolol has been used for decades as an anti anemia drug.

    If you pop are few pills of it or take a few shots then you will get incredible hemoglobin boosts over the next 2-3 weeks.

    Its very popular in cycling/running/womens figure comps as it doesnt add too much weight like Androlic etc would give.

    He really stuffed up when he claimed it was just ‘a bodybuilding drug’ haha.

    He should have just drank 2 liters of water before he gave a sample and he would have passed. Or just don’t show up to the test.

    You can get 3 missed tests in a 12 month period before you get in any shit.

    • B2 (ABC TV)

      Firstly, double line spacing, much appreciated, but really not necessary outside of a research report or academic essay. Second, I get the impression you are something of an advocate for doping, or am I missing something?

      • Durian Rider

        If you watch a few hundred of my youtube vids you will see Im NOT an advocate for doping.

        I do highlight how easy drugs are to get, how easy it is to past testing, how incredibly effective they are and how rampant they are in ALL pro sports and even now on social media people are doping to get aesthetic gains to sell ebooks/diet plans to their noob followers who believe their social media idols are ‘full natty brah’.

        Have you taken any PED’s outside of caffeine and painkillers? Do you have any personal experience are or your assumptions based on what the TV programmed you with?

        Im not sure you work for ABC or are just trolling but if you are legit a good story would approach the top 10 players at the aussie open and ask them if they would be cool to give some blood samples for carbon isotope ratio testosterone testing. Their chronic disapproval and walking out of the interview immediately would be your answer without even having to spend any money on testing.

        Why don’t sporting agencies to CIRC testing as the first line of test? Because they don’t want to bankrupt their associated sports by showing the fans the truth.

        Right now pro cycling would be the cleanest sport out there. I wish the media would understand that and chase soccer, tennis, swimming, athletics, AFL, basketball etc.


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