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July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
  • GrahamWKidd

    So where would be if Richie hadn’t dropped back to pick up Rohan on the Corkscrew??

    • Michele

      If he stayed with Gerrans in the run into Victor Harbor yesterday, he’d be down on GC by 1 second still.

      I think it’s about time TDU organisers got rid of the Time Bonuses for stage wins and also the intermediate sprints.

      The sprints are coming too early in the stage to allow breakaways to really succeed. In the past 2-3 years there’s come a bit of a repetitive pattern to how the stages will play out.

      The Bonus seconds were only put in place because it was the trendy thing to do at the time. That, and if they didn’t exist, then there was the possibility half the field could end up with the same overall GC time, since every stage finished with a mass sprint.

      But with tougher stages like the one over Corkscrew, and also the Willunga Hill finish, that possibility has been reduced dramatically.

      If there were no time bonuses on offer, the current GC would read:

      1. Porte
      2. Henao
      3. Gerrans

      Don’t get me wrong, Simon has ridden as extremely smart race, and accordingly, is a deserved winner. Just interesting that 2 guys will have ridden the race quicker.

      • I’ve never been a fan of time bonuses. If you want to gain time on your competitors, then drop them and make it real. Don’t gift “time” that doesn’t exist, on the road.
        Tour Down Under, race “formula” has become *boring*.

        • Matt

          And without time bonuses this year’s race would have been less boring?

          Stage 1 – breakaway forms, breakaway is caught, GC riders on pretty much the same time
          Stage 2 – breakaway forms, breakaway is caught, GC riders on pretty much the same time
          Stage 3 – breakaway forms, breakaway is caught, GC riders on pretty much the same time
          Stage 4 – breakaway forms, breakaway is caught, GC riders on pretty much the same time
          Stage 5 – breakaway forms, breakaway is caught, fastest up short climb wins
          Stage 6 – breakaway forms, breakaway is caught, GC riders on pretty much the same time

          • I like the time bonuses. It makes the GC riders go for the sprints and the wins. It adds a lot of excitement and makes the race more dynamic.

            • Wade, you like disc brakes ……

              Time bonuses – nope.

            • Dave

              I agree.

              Time bonuses were one of the factors which kept the Giro d’Italia interesting in the years that the Tour de France started to be dominated by defensive tactics. So much so that the Tour de France brought them back again when they realised their race was becoming too formulaic.

              Banning in-race use of power meters and two-way radio would be a far better way to make the TDU more interesting. At the least, it would put the “breakaway is caught” part of the formula into doubt and bring back the possibility of the race being won by a big move.

          • Damien P

            Totally agree. I would kind of like to see how a short prologue timetrial would work.

          • Matt – second part of my comment says “tour down under formula, has become boring”

            Time bonuses, simply favour the sprinters (on appropriate stages) and distort the race. I’m old school mentality (call me crusty if you wish) but aggressive bike riders, who go out there and race, gain time on rivals – exist. Race organisers, also have to ensure the terrain reflects an exciting bike race – of course the riders have to race it, but between a mixture of the two, it’s possible.

            Daily Crits with a sprint, gets boring after a few years.

            • Matt

              I know, sorry, I was being childish.
              I don’t agree that it distorts the race though, in fact I think it balances this race (certainly this year’s edition) quite well. As you point out, time bonuses favour the faster men, but Willunga Hill favours the climbers, so if you take the time bonuses away you essentially have a race that favours climbers. And with very little time to be won on Willuga Hill, there’s no way a breakaway is going to be allowed to get away on any of the other 5 stages regardless of whether there are time bonuses on offer or not.
              As we saw on the Corkscrew stage (stage 3?) with Dennis going head to head with Gerrans in the sprint finish, it’s not just the obvious fast men going after the precious bonus seconds. And think how tight the race would have been if Dennis had, on behalf of Porte, succeeded andstolen the 10 seconds, leaving Gerrans with only 6 seconds. The gap between Porte and Gerrans would have been 5 instead of 9.
              Only 9 (nearly 5) seconds between a fast man/puncher and a climber, on a course with mixed terrain – that’s an exciting and well balanced stage race in my opinion.

              I live in the UK and i’m honestly considering coming over one year to watch.

              And what a photo by Tim – bravo sir.


        • Simon

          Please, please respect the sport! They’re bonifications and pronounced with a soft Carrick on Suir accent. :-)

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  • Andy B

    Great ride by Richie :) Willunga always seems to deliver excitement


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July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017