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November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017
November 22, 2017
November 21, 2017
  • jon

    what a dream!!

  • With 30 of the States of the Union having a ” Safe Pass Law ” , it will be interesting to hear of your experiences and Feedback from the People you will meet in your travels !

    VisionZeroWorldWide came about after New York & San Francisco announced their ” Vision Zero Targets ” and that they want to be successful in their next 10 years .

    There will always be those Vehicle Drivers that are less than 100% concentrated whilst in motion , such as the cause of the @GiantAlpecin Team Traffic Violence in Espana last week . Until the likes of ” Cycling Tips ” lead the way with a call to ALL , i will remain the Minority of ONE, that People will wish to keep quiet !

  • VerticallyCompliant

    Any fears I had about the direction cyclingtips was heading with the addition of a North American editor are evaporating faster then the sweat on Bobridge’s back during a breakaway.
    As well as Neil’s journalistic experience these types of diaries are proving great reading.
    I first bought a road bike thinking I’d try and emulate the feats of Boonan, McEwan and Hushovd down beach road.
    While trawling the net trying to find non pharmaceutical ways to smash my mate’s up Rickett’s point and the 1:20 I stumbled upon a blog of CT and friends touring Vietnam and soon it became articles like these that motivated me to get out exploring with mates, more so then then sport cycling.
    Look forward to reading about your adventures this year Robos.

    • I love these types of stories and diaries too. But times have changed since that Vietnam trip. Quick social media updates have replaced meaningful storytelling and we hope to preserve that.

    • Jon Robichaud

      Thanks for the high-five on the trip. Neal is great and will ensure that NA’s CT site has a great sense of adventure vs redlining to the finish line.

  • Chris

    Zips on a diverge? Rear hub works?

    • James Fifield

      The rear spacing on the Diverge is 135x12mm, which the 177D hub can accommodate. The potential issue is that with the stock SCS hub the cassette is 2+mm in board to avoid rubbing when using a dual ring crankset; however, with a 1x set up there should be no need to move the cassette because there is nothing on which the chain might rub.

  • T-Brown

    Can’t wait to follow this journey! Wishing you all the best out there on the open road.

    • Jon Robichaud

      Thanks. If there’s places we should put on our list let us know.

  • Rod Bolls

    love it, we’ll be following, safe travels

    • Pamela Robbins Robichaud

      thanks buddy :)

  • Shiffon

    I bet $10 that they fall pregnant… It always seems to work out that way. ?

    • Jon Robichaud

      Thanks for the positive thoughts…for now we’ll concentrate on finding the best off the grid campsite, coffee shops, and dirt roads to explore.

      • Shiffon

        Excellent! But I can’t help feel a little sorry for your dog! I have a German Shepherd and there’s no way I’d leave him at a camp site alone, regardless of how secure he was. I couldn’t enjoy myself for the guilt…

  • Warwick

    Brilliant, really looking forward to following the journey.

  • Amanda

    I hope Pholadelphia makes your list! Congratulations on your amazing outlook on life and enjoying what truly matters…..especially eachother. Be safe, laugh a lot and please explore every corner!

    • Jon Robichaud

      Thanks Amanda. Philly is on the list. I sent to school out there and know there’s great riding. Plus the draw of being able to see old and new friends will keep us in the area for a week or so.

  • D0rk

    I have a feeling these will be the posts I get most excited about seeing on the CT homepage.

  • sabazel

    Have fun you guys!! When you come into town for the Sea Otter Classic, DO NOT leave Santa Cruz without letting me show you some amazing roads, promise? – Sophie

    • Pamela Robbins Robichaud

      Duuuh! Of course Sophie! See you in April :)


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November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017
November 22, 2017
November 21, 2017