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  • Dave

    Backstage Pass will be a little interesting, with both a team win and another Greatest Hits contender.

  • nicklothian

    Imagine if OGE had brought Bling as well as Gerrans and Ewan. I wonder if they’ll bring all three to Milan-San Remo?

    • Dave

      What could possibly go wrong?

    • Common Wombat

      Given the quality of Bling’s 2015 season, why change things ? The only major race in the first part of the season where there is a potential cross-over is Amstel. Bling’s prime target will be MSR & Gerro’s is LBL.
      Ewan to MSR ??? ROFLAO !! Hasn’t got the engine to get within 50kms of the finish; goes “ping” off the back as soon as they crack on some pace going uphill. He’s years away …… if indeed he’ll ever have what it takes for a race of that stature.

      • nicklothian

        I’m pretty sure Gerrans has done ok at MSR in the past too….

        You are probably right about Ewan being a couple of years off being competitive at MSR (the distance is quite a jump if nothing else). But if Kristoff, Cav, Pettacchi, Cipollini and Zabel can all win it then I don’t think it is unreasonable to consider him for it too.

        • Common Wombat

          Whilst Gerro may’ve won MSR in 2014, since then the Ardennes races have been his main classic focus. Barring injuries or illness, Bling will be “the man” for MSR.
          Whilst Ewan is very fast, I’m highly sceptical of his long term prospects. He’s very small and very under-powered. Any attempts to bulk up will come with the price-tag of climbing capacity; an area where he is already very deficient. The guys you listed were all bigger or at least stronger and with better endurance.
          He’ll certainly win plenty of races in his career; the question is what will the quality of those races. He’ ll win a ton of crits; he’s likely to be strong in the AUS summer so he’s likely toi snag a few TdU stages; he could win some stages at some one-week tours. He might even pick pocket a couple of early stages at a Giro or Vuelta but until he can hang on better going uphill; he’s long odds to finish a GT …… and winning on the Champs Elysses.

          • nicklothian

            You realize he’s already won a GT stage (in last years Vuelta, where he beat Degenkolb and Sagan)?

            As for MSR, I’ll just leave this here:

            “”[Milan-San Remo] is a race he can do very well in,” [Matt] White said”

            I think you are dramatically underestimating Ewan. His endurance is lacking because he’s young – that typically comes with some age. But he isn’t a bad climber for a sprinter – he finished 4th at the under 23 world championships as a 19 year on a very hilly circuit (in 2013 –
            Matej Mohori? won that year, and he’s a very good climber), and he went into the Australian Championships as one of the favorites, and you need to get over hills on that circuit.

            (Also Gerrans won MSR in 2012 not 2014)

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