• Cameron Harris

    Who does the blue one in frames 8 – 10 belong to? That sure is a pretty colour :-)

    • sket


      • MattF

        Incorrect – Arredondo. Frame size is the give away.

        • James L

          I think that sket is right. 8-10 is Nizzolo from Italy with the light blue, and 23 is Arredondo with the dark blue, yellow and red of the Columbian flag. You can just about make out the name stickers on the top tube.

          It is a brilliant idea to have custom colours though! These are going to look great in the peloton, and will shouldn’t clash with team kit thanks to Trek’s predominantly black and white design. Looking forward to TDU!

          • MattF

            Quite right. My apologies.

          • Andres Hapkido

            hello James is Colombia not Columbia, thanks

    • Laurens

      That one says ‘Go and Take it” on the bottom of the top tube! The rider can’t see it, is it a hint to the person coming across this bike after a crash?
      Edit: sorry, the next bike has that phrase, not the one you mentioned.

  • Not a Madone fan but these colour combinations are next level.

  • Nitro

    Different coloured bikes for different riders – I like it….

    Makes a change from the standard we-all-look-exactly-the-same approach

  • Dave
    • Bobridge’s Madone colourway is a tribute to the Wallabies.

  • Steve

    These are so sweet, given the money it would be very hard to choose between a Madone and an F8

  • Simon

    At last some colour in the peloton. Love the clean aero look but not the ISP.

    • Arash

      Non of them has ISP, they all have removable seatposts. It’s just the colour scheme that illud to having ISP.

  • Legstrong

    Hands down. The best looking aero bike out there. Of course, IMO. Loving that Kylo Reijnen’s color!

    It’d be interesting to see the results of Velonews’ the new Madone vs Venge Vias test. I don’t have a subscription. :(

    • flx

      German magazin “Tour” just tested them both. The Venge was the faster frame at a frontal flow, the Trek was better taking all angles into consideration.

      • Legstrong

        Thanks. It made sense considering the frontal face of the Venge was a smaller than the Madone. However, Madone utilized Kamm-tail profile to better deal with the crosswind.

        “Trek found that, although an airfoil moves most efficiently while traveling in one direction, it was comically inefficient when dealing with crosswinds. Through extensive testing, Trek landed on the solution of taking their most efficient airfoil shape and “truncating” it.”


    • slowK

      Hi Legstrong,

      I subscribe to Velonews (the magazine is now called Velo). To summaries their venge vs madone test:

      Stiffness – draw.
      Aero – venge (drag varied at different yaw, but overall venge averaged 2w less between -12.5 to 12.5 degrees
      Ride quality – madone. Much more comfortable, better braking, slightly better handling.
      Aesthetics – madone
      Overall – madone, but a close call

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    Number 24 makes Adam Hansen’s setup look positively comfortable.

  • david__g

    the blue for Stetina’s looks too light? Or is it a reference to a different blue used by the USA?

  • Marcus

    I’m surprised there’s not some obscure UCI rule against such flare… Love them all.

    The new image viewer on the site is great on mobile BTW – though would be better again if it took up the full page width.

  • winkybiker

    The Madones don’t look bad (especially when compared to the pig-ugly Venge). But I’d never buy one as they have a press-fit BB. I also find the clicky-clacky moveable fairings over the front brake to be a clumsy and ugly solution (not sure why it is permitted under UCI rules, either). The dual seat-tube in a seat-tube seems also to be a clumsy and complex engineering solution, but I understand it works very well.

  • Durian Rider

    I havent seen team issue as a sticker on a frame since the early 90’s Shogun Praire Breakers!

    Love the matte red finish on RH’s emonda. Ive got one in gloss but the matte looks dope.

    • Jonirfaulk

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  • Cameron Harris

    Next question: What’s the purpose of the little metal lugs behind the BB? You can see them in #3

  • brucegr

    The bikes look very clean and cool with concealed brake cables, but I wonder about the compromise to performance.

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