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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
  • Jon Cannings

    total legend.

    • Matt Long

      Legend for sure. Bike position defines “low and pro”.

      • nathan ong

        adam slamsen is what i call him

        • Amandajarellano3

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  • What a boring guy!

  • velocite

    That Duracell bunny reference seems almost apt, Shane..

    • Anonymous

      Energizer. Marketing Fail.

      • Who’s Failing Now?

        Varies by region. In AU it has always been the Duracell bunny. In the US, Energizer bunny. Although Duracell bunny was actually in the US long before the Energizer bunny anyway.

        You might want to educate yourself before trying to point out others’ so-called ‘fail’ in future. Arrogance and ignorance don’t go well together.

        • Anonymous

          You’re right. I was wrong. You win.

          With all this ignorance of mine, I should probably wear a helmet in all marginally dangerous activities, including commenting. Trolling. In the land of vast arrogance, at least I still have the option to go without one on the bike. But in this case, the AU nanny state may have kept me from serious injury. Just a ding to the plastic, instead of irreparable harm to my pride.

          So I guess another win for AU. And another for you; you’re on a roll here.

  • jules

    Adam impresses me as a really interesting and adventurous person. I’ve trekked in Nepal too and I’d highly recommend it. climbing Everest though – not so much. by all accounts it’s a real circus these days and the risk of death ever present.

  • Robert Merkel

    Great guy, but before he decides to make the attempt I hope he (or anyone else considering trying Everest) does some reading about the risks, including to the climbers, the Sherpa guides, and the environment.

    Historically, About 1 in 40 people attempting Everest dies in the attempt. Apparently, in recent years the overall death rate has gone down for “guests”, but has gone up for the local guides.

    Not going to tell anyone else what to do, but I couldn’t put people at those kinds of risks for my own recreation even if I was prepared to take the risk myself.

  • KM

    A truly nice guy. i took the family to the Giro a couple of years ago and we were watching Adam warm up for the TTT in Verona. He saw my son’s OGE jersey and said “G’day my name is Adam, What’s your name?.”. Of course we knew who he was but that simple act of humility on his behalf was a sign of the type of guy he is.

  • brucegr

    A unique guy for sure. But like a lot of people who split their time and energy, the many things they start are not serious commercial pursuits, like Adam’s very short foray into cycling shoes.

    • I don’t think he ever intended the shoes to be a commercial venture. More he put them on sale because he was obliged to in order to actually where them in a pro race.

  • Bracksy

    He’s going to be one of those guys with no prior climbing experience who would pay a guide to tug along on a piece of rope all the way to the summit, much like 90% of the so called “climbers” these days. Congrats, you’re contributing to the wide community of climbers who claim themselves to be “mountaineers”.

    Apart from the above rant, big fan of you, Adam!

    • Free set of Boras for everyone if he makes it to the top?

      • Bracksy

        Not only Boras but I’ll throw in the new wireless SRAM gearset!

    • thomasrdotorg

      He’s a pretty thorough guy. He won’t be a some mountain climbing Hubbard when just about everything else he does is fully pro.

    • SLH

      Is that like all these people in Lycra and $10000 bikes who call themselves cyclists?

  • js

    i remember him from weight weenies forum) back to early 2000-ies)

  • js

    he went pro quite late for his age afaik

  • Patrick Murphy

    He really should write a book, would be a great read.

  • Phil Gordon

    I remember watching Adam in the Crocodile trophy in Oz years ago,you could see how hard he was and I`m not at all surprised he`s gone on to great things. Nice work mate.

  • Serk F.

    He might have to call his old mentor Dr Lothar Heinrich and head back to the Frieberg clinic to prepare… just like he use to…


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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017