Update to Chad Haga’s injuries after Giant-Alpecin training crash

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American Chad Haga was one of six Giant-Alpecin riders involved in a serious crash while training in Spain on Saturday.

Media reports have stated that Haga was airlifted to hospital as a result of neck injuries. His condition is understood to be stable.

Here is the latest update to Haga’s condition, courtesy of his family:

Update on our oldest nephew, Chad Haga, from his mother. DeLayne Griffiths Haga:

Chad’s first surgery to repair veins and arteries is done. There were no tendons, bones or major arteries severed in the crash, but Chad Haga does have a deep wound involving his chest, neck, chin & lip.

The surgeon said the operation went well and Chad is stable. Chad will spend the night in ICU because that is their standard procedure. Chad also has orbital [eye socket – ed.] fracture that will require surgery. They will wait until the swelling around his eye goes down because operating now could seriously damage the swollen soft tissue & cause it to heal poorly.

They will know more about this second surgery in the coming days. They may transport him to the US or Netherlands for the eye surgery. His fiancé is planning to take care of him during his recovery, if possible. The CT scan showed no internal injuries or trauma to his brain.

Chad was aware & responsive to questions prior to surgery.

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