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  • Matt

    3km of pavé repaved in a few days? Hahahahah

  • Legstrong

    Tejay is way overrated. Unless, he brings his super-duper A game this year. IMO, Phinney (assuming he’s healthy throughout this year) and someone else other than Tejay would be a good pair. My 2 cents.

    • Andy B

      To be fair he is only 27 and his palmares is one that I imagine the majority of professional cyclists would love to have

      • ummm…

        but is he overrated?

  • ChinookPass

    Should be a fun year. I hope the spots are won on the road with some high-profile race wins.

  • Gavin Adkins

    Make all Olympic road cycling events U23 (men and women). For male pro road cyclists (other than those with a track background) the Olympics is basically an afterthought anyway, and for pro women the focus on the Olympics distracts from the development of the pro side of the sport. Take it back to the amateur roots and make it a genuine platform for riders to launch a pro career. Discuss.

    • Shiffon

      Agreed! This is what soccer does for the Olympics, right? A professional sport like cycling that has oodles of money and prestige in its usual competition e.g. Tour de France does not need Olympic recongnition. The glory of gold medals should be saved for those sports who really do focus on the Olympic period as the peak competition time, like track cycling, swimming, athletics etc, or the youngsters.

    • Matt

      Disagree. Olympic soccer is a joke for this reason. I would have thought most pros would be pretty keen to make the Olympic team. Country qualification should be based on UCI points, ie they take the top 20 (or whatever number) ranked countries and let each country have a full squad of 5 or 6 (or whatever number).

  • Adam Fuller

    This is such a poor way of building a road race. Cycling is a team sport and to have some teams with less members is an unfair handicap. Imagine soccer saying sorry, you’re not a top 5 team so you can only have 10 players and you’re not a top 15 so you can only have 9.

  • Andy B

    To be fair I can’t see any of the USA riders winning gold..

  • Paolo

    It’s the same issue with team allocations for road worlds. Nothing new, when the UCI is involved it’s chaos.

  • PJM

    Kiel Reijnen and Taylor Phinney. The two best U.S. one-day riders that can compete at the World Tour level.

  • Cameron Harris

    Outcomes like this put the question of who has the power to invite teams to the TdF in a new light. If the UCI selection criteria for the Olympics are so convoluted, and seemingly broken, it’s understandable why ASO want the right to choose the participants. I’m not suggesting ASO is right by any means, but the UCI is not covering themselves in glory here.

  • TheBear

    It seems unfortunate that circumstances and seemingly odd qualification criteria have conspired against the USA, but even after reading that whole article, my overriding feeling is – tough shit. The USA seems underrepresented at the highest level of cycling, and if they simply had more riders at the top level across all world tour teams they wouldn’t be in this predicament. fair play to all the smaller nations putting more guys in the World Tour – they have to have some incentives. Eastern European nations, Aus/NZ, South American nations, UK, all strong.


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